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7 random things of mine….

  • Up until I came to England, I hated doing things alone:ie going to the cinema, sitting in a cafe.
  • I can't ride a bicycle without support wheels, but I use to ride motorbikes.
  • I had 24 different kind of jobs in my life.
  • I play guitar and a bit of piano
  • Like Connie, I can't iron clothes.
  • I recycle but have constantly in the back of my mind the thought that we are all being conned, the recycling isn't really happening the way it should.
  • I can still recall, at any time, the first night after my daughter was born. The feeling of happiness, the tears that wouldn't stop flowing, that very feeling I had when looking at her sleeping by my side. I can also remember the nurse who told me off in the second night for having her in my bed: I got her fired. (I was working for the hosiptal at the time) 
5 things I love : (I'm not gonna say Sarita because we are talking about *things* here
  • food
  • travel (as in international)
  • travel (as in international)
  • music
  • shoes and boots, especially cowboy ones. It is a bummer because after 2003, when the first operation went wring and they left me with a leg 3 1/2 com shorter than the other, I can only wear shoes the hospital rises for me ….and cowboy boots have a type of heel which cant be done….
  • I have to add photography
I'm not gonna go into another 15 things about me, but give you some random stuff, as I have some really nice new people in my hood that may be interested in hearing (reading, yeah)
  • absolutely LOVE driving (another thing they almost killed in me with the failed operations, my time driving without a good couple of hours of rest doesn't amount to more than half hour…)
  • I have changed a LOT in the past few years, and by changing a lot I mean radicals beliefs things, like I used to say I wouldn't have children…. but I guess that is material for a whole post…
  • I enjoyed living with other people, could not, unless forced by an extreme situation, do it again. My pacience for people (even if I love you LOTS) doesn't last longer than a couple of days.
and now I'm gonna go take my meds……!!!!

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