She is not a girl….

She is not a girl…., originally uploaded by SaritaAndMe.

…not yet a woman.
Giving me such a hard time, therefore.
I shouted, went into a fit and got to (very first for me, even for threatening) grab a belt and swing it in the air. I knew I would not use it, but inside, very deep inside, I so wanted to.
I have now grounded her for a month, and, this will be a first too, but necessary, I will, I most certainly WILL, stick to it.
I don't know how to talk to her to help a bit more.
It's difficult to explain, mainly because I'm so stressed that at 1 am I had to argue, after I talked reasonably, hugged and kissed whilst explaining that, if (for example) she doesn't clean the cat's litter and around, the cat will have to go, or the fact that, if she doesn't feed her, the poor cat will die., even before I have the chance to give her away.
There is the problem with leaving thing spread around the place, not cleaning or tyding up after a whole afternoon sitting watching TV….
I'm not gonna carry on right now as I am very, very tired, shouted enough to wake the whole neighborhood, and had to tidy up and pick up all the trash she left in the past 48hs, lets not even talk about the fact that I have to go after her at least 5 times for her to get in the shower or clean her teeth….

I will probably write when I have had a rest, which not sure will be tomorrow as I need to go shopping for food…..
Ah..the joys of single parenting…..

The photo was taken with her mobile phone.

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2 Responses to She is not a girl….

  1. musicjan says:

    Boy, oh boy. I have so been there. My precious girl is now 31 1/2 years old (Evan's Mom) (yikes). The teen years were just horrible. Here's my advice: a) I always tried to remember that at the very end of the teen years, I wanted an intact relationship with her and b) do be consistent. I wasn't. It was a big mistake. She wore me down. I know, from "knowing" you that you will have a good relationship with her in the end. It's just hard now – at this stage. This post was so on target – not a girl, but not a woman. Hang in there. You can do it. And I'm glad you posted at 1 a.m.! You're a great Mom, and being a single parent isn't easy!

  2. Raymond says:

    Its never easy, and it doesn't get any easier to say 'Its never easy." Still hard to share that single truth. Sarita probably has things she needs to think about and her priorities might be in a state of well, change. Of course, I can't know, but they can tell you if you listen. You are obviously a good Mother, way too many pictures of warmth and loving to suggest otherwise, so if you might be frustrated and uncertain and feeling guilty, maybe you could go back to what you are best at…listening. Because…you're the Mother and 'its never easy.' I wish you both a Merry Christmas and hope that the New Year brings with it a promise of all things possible. 🙂

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