Only a couple more days….

…to start a new year.

and I always get here too late to have much energy to write coherently, even to put thoughts together.
So much to do, so little time, and health isn't of great help lately but, hey, one tries one's best.
My shouting and waking up the neighbors did it's trick: I had an almost docile daughter the morning after, we did some good shopping for food (hahahahaha to my weight gain, see if I care!) and have had so far a good, smiley time.
That is, of course, because the *grounding* thing has not really come into effect yet, more so: we did some spending on the boxing day sales…God Save the Primark!!!!! (we do not care as much for the Queen in this household)
I'm not sure when the last post was, but our Christmas started before Xmas, on the 20th, at Clare's.
Sarita took Syan, and we got together with our friends who have been so for the almost 20 years I have been (in and out) in London. Nice food beautifully prepared by Clare, a variation of Polish and German delicacies with the crowning of best mince pies I have ever tried. Some pics will be coming later as I m waiting on my Photoshop we just bought online (yay!) to edit them.
Christmas before Christmas....syan syanthe girlscurious Syan...

and then we stocked up fridge and larder……
xmas food!

this made us both very happy, as you can tell…..
full fridge!

Television isn't much this holiday, but there is the Dr Who Xmas special which we watched on the on demand (for free, of course!), and the Dark Knight which only cost 95 pence to rent from the local library, plus some film or other, but the highlight of it all was the shopping in Oxford St.
Mad, but great value.
Once again, God Save the Primark

There is a lot more to tell and show, but taking it that it is now almost 5 am, and I have my gorgeous Bostonian friend coming over tomorrow, I think it better left for later…..
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!!!

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One Response to Only a couple more days….

  1. White Roses says:

    So . . . let me get this straight . . . you had access to Wallace & Gromit in A Matter of Loaf and Death, which I can't get over here . . . and you didn't watch it?

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