I hope Vox takes notice of this…..

I got a notification today through my mail that someone nicknamed tablecoffee has included me in the nieghborhood and as a friend, and, as I do, I went to check out profile.
I have seen this person before in many places online before, and I (plus other people in other sites I use, including Flickr) have reasons to believe that this person is not who he/she says to be.
I think this person is unhealthely interested in children, especially in their feet's pcitures.
I started when I was in Fotothing, and this person, whom in the beginning I thought harmless even though spooked me out a bit. The comments were, to say it lightly, weird.
I then went to Flickr.
and it carried on: comments one does not like in one's child's pictures.
I tried to ignore it but then when my American friends messaged me privately BECAUSE of those comments, I was then sure it was not only my mind.
Then I discovered that this person had taken pictures of Sarita from my Fotothing and made drawings with them….
I blocked him (I'm sure it s a man) and mailed him to warn him not to use my child's pictures, and to take down whatever he had before drawn.
This person is now in Vox, I know it maybe my own fault, as I had forgotten all this, blogged a picture in Flickr and posted it public…
I have now blocked him here and will revert to post everything neighborhood only, which is a shame as I had started to get confident with posting publicly and made some nice friends lately….
I tried to reach Vox feedback before, about problems that Patricia Volonakis Davis and Foxy have to post comments in my blog, but Vox has done nothing about it.
I tried to message my Team Vox, but twice the system rejected my message, so I post this as a warning to all of you in my hood who have children , and just in case someone knows if there is someone I can contact to investigate this person….
I dont think this person is terribly intelligent, otherwise it wouldn't come back, though with different profiles, different identities, very recignizable…therefore I dont think this person could cause great harm ….but the thought of my child's pictures being in possetion of such being really spooks me, lets not think about the fact of this person reading what I do or dont…
can anyone tell me what happens when one blocks someone here?
I'm not sure of how much a blocking can stop a person accessing posts..
I'm not very happy about this….
just in case, this is the Vox of this being, I am sure is not a girl, and certainly not little….

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2 Responses to I hope Vox takes notice of this…..

  1. musicchick2 says:

    Hmmm….I believe that if you block them here on Vox that the blocked person cannot access your blog. If not, what would be the point of blocking, right?

    I would also set up your Flickr & any other internet presence you have out there – any blogs, photos, chat rooms, everything you can think of – and change your settings so that a person needs your permission to view any content. AND make sure to do the same with Sarita's blogs, pictures, etc. It's kind of a pain, but I think this is what's necessary.
    And double check & make sure that your email and/or home address, or phone numbers aren't posted anywhere publicly. Think about your posts too. Have you said anything that would identify where you live or work?

    I would also go to this person's blog & see if he/she posts publicly their email address, etc. Then block that email address (or addresses) from any and all contact attempts.

    Unfortunately, I don't think you can get law enforcement involved until a person has threatened you (online, via phone or in person) or attempted in-person contact. (Ugh…it creeps me out just typing that!) I suppose you COULD research what laws are in force in London re: harrassment, etc. SPECIFICALLY via the computer. At least then you'd be empowered with information that you can use if you need to. If you really feel afraid for your or Sarita's safety, you could get a permit to carry pepper spray (or something like that) in your purse. Please know I am NOT trying to scare you, I'm just kind of brain-storming possibilities to help you feel safe & empowered.

    BIG HUGS to both of you. And Happy New Year!!!

  2. shush now says:

    Ugh, this is awful.Oh, and blocking someone only means that they can't comment or message you- they can STILL see anything posted publicly.If you have reason to believe this person is abusing VOX, you should contact VOX and let them know.(((HUGS)))

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