Spending the night awake…..

…deleting or hiding pictures in the web is most certainly not what I would call a fun night.

Exhausting, more like.
And, I have to say, I'm so glad I had been posting mainly neighborhood up till recently, and also I have to admit:
despite all the problems I had with my neighbors in Vox not being able to comment in my blog, this site is the one which offers the easiest, most convenient way to change settings.
To change into neighborhood or friends and family only, one does not need to go back into each post, change and then go back…it's just a small click and carry on, same page….
I am extremely frustrated with Fotothing, the site where this psycho found me in the first place…there is no way to delete your account, you gotta delete pictures, one by one, and, furthermore: every time you delete an image, it will bring you back to the most recent pictures…meaning one has to manually find the place where one was…..
It is now 08:19 am in London.
I'm in pain, I 've smoked more than I should have, I'm tired and cold, though I'm in bed.
Coldest winter since 1982….
minus 8 yesterday, God knows what today….
Need to stay up until Sarita goes to school now, and that, due to a heating problem in the area, wont happen until 11:30, as they only will start at 12:00pm….
And we are in the 21st century, the year of 2009….
hard to digest, me thinks.

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One Response to Spending the night awake…..

  1. Kirk says:

    Hmm, you've been away for a couple weeks now. I'm worried. Any new news on that creepy stalker? Looking at their VOX, it appears as if the person is a girl around Sarita's age, but some things make me suspicious…I'm sorry you've had to deal with this. The not knowing has to be really hard to cope with.

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