The joys of Freecycling….

…don't stop at the feeling great because you made someone really happy, or at getting the most amazing stuff for free, or even at knowing that, even if in a tiny way, we are helping the environment, nope.

Freecycle also gets us out of the house.
A few days ago a woman posted a memory foam mattress toping, I email to see if we could have it, gave her a bit (well, maybe quiet a lot!) of info of my condition, but then when I didn't hear from her, I thought she gave it to someone else. This morning we were supposed to be getting up at 10.30, but I forgot to put the alarm, Sarita didn't hear hers….we were still in bed when the phone rung. 
I couldn't get to the home phone (can't get out of the bed on my own and the phone is strangely placed on the other side of the bedroom) and when I tried to get the mobile, my arthritic hands played that trick again and, isntead of picking it up, I turned it of.
I could have been any of the people who call at the worse times, after the money they will never get (providing I can make my bankruptcy a reality), or even one of my *friends* who call and there is no way to get them to put the phone down, you know the type.
BUt I did 1471 and did not recognize the number, so I decided to give it a call:
it was the memory foam woman.
So, Sarita made breakfast, helped me to get ready, we got in the car and our day was filled with productive stuff.
We also popped into the Heath Library, as we had reserved a DVD of Jane Eyre, and I took my camera, the place is the house where Keats lived…. we took some great pics, I'm too tired to download now though.
I organised the pictures, ready to go into the Freecycle albums, but I had to come to bed (to the memory foam, yay!!!).
Pain is getting unbearable when I had a full day, I didn't want to have to take more Tramadol.
I can't even think properly, so I better leave this for some other time, but I promised myself I would try harder, well, I am.
Sarita has a school friend coming tomorrow and I will drive them to Ice Skating, then the kid will stay over, they are going to school from here on monday… so I better try sleep.
I hate pain.
I hate pain
I hate pain
I hate pain.
I hate pain.
I hate pain
I hate pain
I hate pain.
oh well….

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