Keeping a record

I have been trying to read my neighbors, if not going back previous posts, at least I'm trying every night to go to the neighborhood page and read until my brain can't take it and my body needs the (beautty?) sleep.

I know I haven't been to all of you, but I'm slowly picking up some pace, promise.
Thing is, not even because of you guys, but because of the pleasure and treasure that your posts mean to me….
And on scanning the 'hood i saw a QoD post, the *why do you blog?
My main drive was that I wanted to write a diary for Sarita to have in the future.
One of the posessions I treasure the most in life is the letters I wrote to my dad when we were living in different cities.
He kept them all, now Sarita is reading them.
And in those letters you can go through my dad's life teachings put into practice, others which I challenge, lots of philosophical chat and how I put all that into practice to overcome hardship, my achievements….
It's amazing.
And I want Sarita to have the same pleasure later in life.
So I started blogging here because I wanted to make a record of our lives.
Then I got caught into the beautiful human wave here…. but I have always tried to reflect our lives in my posting.
And recently I discovered the beautty that is having tagged stuff, which I had never before payed much attention to, until we were able to download 2 years of Sarita's mobile phone's photos, and I wanted to Scrapblog them.
It was coming here, typing a word (or two, or a date) and *presto*. There it was, to copy and paste. Brilliant.
So now I want to do this even more.
There is also the amazing people I have met here.
3 of the most amazing books I have bought last year were written by fellow Voxers, and on that I should make an individual post for each, I will get to that eventually.
Some of the most beautiful feelings, laughs and reflections I've had in the past couple of years are from Voxers.
The Simple Abundance Group and The Voxers with chronical illnesses one were a life saving rope.
So I'm making an effort.
Even when getting my brain to engage into gear takes longer than usual.
There is one thing of Vox that's getting on my nerves though, and I don't want to go blog somewhere else, I don't really feel like starting all over again and I like the layouts here, I'm used to this structure.
But there is the problem about the commenting thing.
I tell you: in general, I write for myself and for my child, so comments are not something I crave.
But most of your comments were what helped me through difficult situations and gave me a better insight in many situations…
First Patricia Volonakis Davis told me she couldn't comment.
Then Foxy, then other people.
I repeat: if you DON"T WANT TO comment, I m more than ok with it.
but if you DO WANT and you cant because of a VOx problem…well, that's another story.
And last night it happened to me, precisely in Patricia Volonakis Davis's blog.
It gave me the *ooops* page.
I tried 5 times, all same.
I wrote to them in many opportunities, nothing.
Any of you know any of the Vox crew?
Anyway to change that?
I would love to.
OK, moving into different terrain now:
She (my daughter) will be 13 on thursday.
There is a party she wants to go before that to which I could not say no.
I'm 99.9% sure there will be no alcohol, no drugs, and I am even more sure that she wont touch anything. 
Still, I can't avoid worrying. It isn't easy, this thing of letting go.
But I am. Or at least I'm trying the hardest I can.
On a more general overview, I'm spending an enormous amount of time in bed, editing pictures at the Scrapblog builder, I want to print some books. I have lots of music. 
I'm also sleeping lots during the day.
Electricity and gas are cheaper late at night, none needs me during the day, so my sleeping harms none.(I still was hit (today to be more precise, and that's why I'm in bed, under the covers, with pijamas, 2 pairs of socks, my fleece robe…) with an almost £300 energy bill)
It's dreadfully cold in this place though.
I feel less and less like going out.
Gotta break that.
I'll try.
Hate winter.
Snow White, no dwarfs

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