QotD: Restless Nights

What keeps you up at night?

Physical pain

of that chronic type, mainly….

but then again, electricity is cheaper at night, gas is cheaper at night….

so, apart from the stuff for my child… I do everything at night.

And there is the fact that I was a performer most of my adult life… old habits die hard.

and these days one needs no drugs or alcohol…there's the net….


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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One Response to QotD: Restless Nights

  1. Mommyvictory says:

    What keeps me up?? Well if it isn't my 3year old's foot in my lower back or his snoring, it has to be random thoughts, ideas, musings, and inspirations. When I have something I need to do, I work out the whole thing while lying in bed.

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