something about the world financial crisis….

you know I'm not one to go around politically speeching or trying to save the world. I leave that to some of you guys around here who are way more skilled than I am to do so.
But this came through my inbox, from someone I love and admire.
It says the text is attributed to Mentor Muniz Neto, director of creation and partner of Bullet, one of the biggest publicity agencies in Brazil.
It may be, maybe not and maybe you have seen it before. If so, please remember I was translating from the Portuguese language and that English is not my native one.
I just thought it was valid.
Even if it's for my daughter to read in the future and have some reflect of what was going on at this time, which is the only reason I blog.
Thanks 🙂
"I'm gonna play a slide show for you,

are you ready? 
Nothing new though, surely you have seen these images before,
so much that you may even be familiar with them.
It starts with those starving children in Africa,
those with their bones coming through their skin, 
those with flies in their eyes.
And the images keep rolling.
Exodus of entire populations. 
Starving people.
Poor people.
People with no future.
For decades we've been watching these images,
in the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic, photographic competitions. 
Some of these images have even become art objects, admired in books published by famous, well known photographers. 
They are images of misery that can move the soul. 
They are images that have created starting points for government's campaigns.
They have created world organizations.
They have created institutions.
They have created social movements.
The misery of the world, be that in Uganda or in Ceará, in Índia or in Bogotá touches the soul.
Year after year, we've been discussing what to do. 
Year after year of pressure we' ve trying to find the way to move the infinite number of leaders who have passed through governments of the most powerful nations in the planet. 
It was said that 40 billions U$ dollars would be needed to solve the problem of hunger in the planet.
To solve it, capicce? 
Extinguish it. Terminate it.
There would be no more skinny children with no future, not one in a single forgotten corner of the planet.
I don't know how they achieved this estimate. 
But lets say they are wrong. Lets say we need twice as much. 
Or even three times as much, yes, lets say trice. 
With 120 billions our world would be a much fairer place.
There was no manifestation, public movement, political or philosophical speech, nor photo which moved a soul. 
There has been no documentary, world organization, lobby or pressure which could solve it.

But in one week those same leaders, those same powerful nations which failed to be moved by the disaster and unfairness of hunger, those same have open their wallets and safes to give 2.2 trillions U$ dollars (700 bi in the USA, 1.5 tri in Europe) to save the hunger of those who already sleep with a full belly. Banks and investors.

Like someone said, what a shame that this text is only in blogs and not in the mass media,that one that knows how to slap and hide…. 
If you want, forward this…if you don't….. never mind, anyway…
"Our dinner is granted

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