Sleeping patterns…

…are hard to change, and I'm in one which I cannot decide if it's actually bad or good.

I kniow I save money.
Not turning the computer, the Tv, not using the phone or doing anything until after 15.00hs is quiet good, if you think that electricity and the use of any services are more expensive before that time….
It takes me a while to be in a good mood though, but I cook some mean dinners, and we are having such a laugh with Sarita when I put her to sleep…..
She said something to me today, when we were cleaning the dishes out of the table….
not sure how the conversation started, but she said families that have money have misery lives….

I pointed out to my cousin Jose and she waved it out, that doesn't count, they aren't British, she says.
Then she starts naming her friends in school, one by one, and explaining to me why their lives are misery….and it all had to do with their not sharing good times with their mothers….
For the very first time in over 5 years, I felt so lucky and happy I don't have a job.
So, here it was, the very reason that has made me so miserable for so long, the fact of not being able to go to work, it is what has cemented the good laughs and the relationship we have, which I think is beautiful, though we are arguing more and more…all to do with her not wanting to go to bed early, watching TV more than I would like her to…
but I think overall everything is going nicely…. I can't remember if I had already turned into a monster to my mum at this point?…….
Comimng back after waking her up and having breakfast in bed which, for a change, I made, as she is the one who normally do it.
Maybe isn't such a bad thing after all to have changed sleeping patterns?
Anyway, I ned to go as I can pay attention to her and write at the same time….

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