Battery charging….

…at the moment.

In Argentina, when someone is procrastinating, doesn't want to do stuff, lacks energy, they say *ponete las pilas*
like, *put batteries on*
Well, I'm charging mine tonight as I had a bit of a reality check yesterday in form of a Court Claim paper thingy letter.
When I split up from my ex husband, Sarita's dad, I had a high fly, powered job, earned lots of money and had all the stuff that comes with it: lots of credit cards with *very* high limits in them, and two loans.
During the split the bills stopped getting payed, I tried my best and had all my hopes in my operation which (said the consultants) would get me back to full time work.
Only it didn't happen.
I have been getting my mind and general surroundings together to do a bankruptcy file, but hey, even if on Income Support, they charge you something that went from just over £200 to £300 and something last year, not sure how much they will hit me now…. but now this Court Claim needs to be tended to first.
I know what to do, well, not really, but I have done one in (I think it was) 2003.
There is a legal institution which helps people to do this, they helped me do the paper work, I sent (Wokka at the time) for the form, payed something like under £20, the judge file in my favor: I have been paying £2 a month since.
Thing is, sleeping patterns changed, general inertia after spending almost 3 weeks in bed after the cold weather hit me hard and my hormones cannot decide where exactly they want to be…..
Never mind.
I have other important things to do, like renew my passport to travel… more money.
Have been doing really well on the food department though: promise myself to cut waste, not shop till every little bag of pulses, tin or veggies were gone.
I went out this morning at 8:20 am to buy ham and cheese slices though, as we had tons of English muffins (the salty type one, those ones you get on a sausage and egg McMuffin) we bought for a pound…. and as I was awake, I decided to treat my child to breakfast in bed, as it is her who usually does that for me ….
We had a good day.
But batteries are charging, I need, really NEED to get on with stuff.
I have been thinking a lot of our fellow Voxer Alex, the Greek Girl, as I am consumed by guilt in so many areas….
What would I have said to her?
probably a lecture on how guilt is waste…. well
*Haz lo que yo digo y no lo que yo hago?*
maybe, some like that.
I'm loosing weight though, that can only be good. (Can it?)
And some really good things came out from my *bed stay* of these past few weeks… I have made albums of almost all our last 2008 photos, ready to print, got to know much better some of the beautiful people I have met in Scrapblog in 2008 (everyone, every bleeding body in the world is on Facebook!) and finally got together all, yes, all my music files from 2 computers from the past, and, very patiently, saving in two 1G memory keys, via 5 trips from the living room to my bedroom to the iMac, I am traveling to nice times, 12 hours of very old music in Spanish, almost another 10 hours of Brazilian music and some other 8 hours of Brazilian country music… plus all the English one, which probably amounts to 4 days of music, now that Sarita has taken over iTunes and LimeWire…
I have to say, I cannot tell much difference between Lily Allen and Katie Perry, but if she likes them and wants me to listen to them, watch the videos with her, I do it happily….. 
rather have her showing me what she likes than her hiding it from us….right?
and, I have to admit, though all songs sound same to me, the lyrics sometimes have that Brit irony one cannot deny as …errrmmm…almost funny.
Also (thanks to Patricia Volonakis Davis) I discover Good Reads. 
Shame I have no brain to write proper reviews of the books, because I have been reading some interesting stuff, but I'll get around it. When? well, not sure, I'm so, so tired all the time, that tiredness which makes you not want to have to think…. you know the kind?
So, that's it for now. My brain cannot take anymore writing, batteries aren't charged yet….

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2 Responses to Battery charging….

  1. R.G. Ryan says:

    Just wanted to say, thinking of you, dear heart. Be well.

  2. SweetMisery says:

    I did the same thing. lol called mine a time out. I watched a show about Gypsy music and it was beautiful and wild. Hope you get charged sending you a ZAP

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