Autism Awareness month 2009

I know, I know…

I have been lazy, my mind has been all over the place, I owe myself a bit more of consistency and more writing, especially with all huge things happening in our lives at the moment.
But, as you may well know, my Scrapblog addiction has turned into something really positive: I'm not only getting the books printed, but I have also turned SB into a pain relief therapy.
And most of the girls are in Facebook too, though I'm no big fan, I have to admit they have given me some of the greatest laughs in a long time.
There is also the fact that, from time to time, some very special, amazing people turn up in my pages and, going to check them out thank them, I have been beautifully surprised with not only amazing talents from whom I learn every day in the digital arts area, but some who give life lessons…..
Two of these people are Fossil Girl and her daughter RosyKatt
RosyKat is a child, and, as her comment on my Sarita's (no surprise here, me and my monotematic life!) scrapblog was something along the lines of * I wish I was as good as you*, I went to leave her a message to encourage her, but what I found totally amazed me. I thought I would find a kid of the kind who post themes or very basic compositions….well,not only does this girl produce some great ideas, but her taste and skills on colors and general scrapping thing are fab!
So I wrote what I thought, but as she mentioned in her profile that her mum was in SB too, I thought only fair to contact the mum to let her know I was befriending her child….. and I found this:
Autism Awareness month 2009

I am sure no more words are needed.
But (me being me) I can tell you: these are the women whom I get my inspiration from, the Patricia Volonakis of my world outside Vox ….. and boy, would I love to have more encounters like this a bit more often……
Just as a leaving thought…. after all this G20 thing and the financial chaos and my anger toward both bankers and governments growing seriously by the minute, my anger+dislike of overpaid celebrities grows on even more serious levels…. 
Whilst making dinner last night, some talk of Johnnathan Ross and his gaff with Russell Brand (still!!! get real, London radio people) came up and so it leaves me thinking (in very much anger) how come we live in a world where some guys earn £6,000,000 (yup, you read right, Six Million Sterling Pounds per year ,he is on a 3 year contract) which would make it around 9 million US dollars at today exchange (but would have been 12 million when he signed) and Autism gets so little funding……
We are so low, so low, all over the world, we are so getting our priorities wrong, that Jade Goody's funeral had the greatest attendance and mass interest since Diana's death….
I simply don't know.
this is my latest creation for the book printing
Sarita~ the first year

Anyway, thanks to you all beautiful people who lift my spirits in daily basis and give me a reason to smile, a thought to grow with, a beautiful feeling in any of the arts forms, including the friendship one. I have you in my hearts, even when I'm not that much present here 🙂

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2 Responses to Autism Awareness month 2009

  1. GdayThank you so much for sharing this post with me. Sorry it has taken me this long to get here, I haven't been on Vox for a while.I never knew about Scrapblog until now and it looks fabulous. I haven't tried scapbooking – too be honest it looks way too hard and I am not sure if I would have the patience for it. But I certainly do appreciate the work and effort that goes into each piece.

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