Totally Fit State!

As if getting lots of free stuff from the Freecyclers was not enough beauty in this hard world of ours, one of the moderators always posts events in the borough in the Camden Freecycle Cafe group, that's how I got Sarita to enroll for a photography course at the RoundHouse for this half term.

I had tried last year to get her interested, with no luck, but this year, as she follows the new trend on teenage mobile everything (mobile as in cellular phones), I mention that, among the courses, there was one on making a movie on your mobile…. but she asked to see what courses were on offer, and, with determination, said she wanted to do Photography. Great.
I knew it would be mainly based on photographing the shows they had on, but was delightfully surprised to receive a letter offering her a free ticket for tonight's performance of the NoFitState Circus, with their show Tabu.
We called the box office, got told my ticket would be a tenner (£10) as opposed to a £20 you would have to pay on a normal fee…. they are nice to disabled people, theaters in the UK.
We also were told that it was a standing up event, so we packed my wheelchair in the car, but Sarita said she saw some wheelchairs there, so she wouldn't have to wrestle with the mammoth of mine….
Not only did they provide us with the wheelchair, but also we had one of the Roundhouse staff to clear the path for us as the performance moved around the space…..
There is so much one could say about this show and, at the same time, so little….you have to see it.
Something I could tell you could give you an idea:You know how I have been moaning for ages about the lack of creativity of these past 10 years?…well, tonight I ate each and every one of my words. These people are fantabulous.
The show is loosely based on Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude, but don't go expecting a story line…
As a matter of fact, don't go expecting anything, because you will have everything.
These people not only have amazing circus skills, they act comedy and drama with full on talent, they play instruments and sing live, they take you for a walk in the wilderness….. and you are there with them.
From the very pre beginning with them walking around the audience and talking in a mixture of languages which is delightful, with an elegance and irreverence equally delightful, I was marveled by costumes which kept my eye in constant happiness…. and equally marveled by the expectation of the unknown…. now you are laughing, now you are in fear or in subtle erotic dance….
There were a few moments in the show in which Sarita was so glad she can understand and speak Spanish, and I am sure some of the people who don't wish they payed more attention in those tedious classes in secondary school, or even at college….. 
The cast has as many nationalities as the European Union, and they use this to their total advantage, still, does no matter if you speak this or that language, the whole performance comes through your senses no matter what you speak, read or write….to enjoy it, you just need let yourself go with it.
The live band, with most of the cast being part at times,the fire eating, the small screens with pre-filmed scenes and some others plus a huge one showing what was going on live, the general tone of the show made me think of how avant garde we were in the very early 90s at the Vicarage, when I met Sarita's dad and we put together the raves/shows at the squat….we were doing some very, very similar stuff back then, similar to what these people are doing now as a new, alternative thing…
Thing is, after the show Sarita, as a member of one of the RoundHouse courses, was invited to stay for an after show talk, and I found out that the company was actually formed in 1985…. so, if not my generation, they are probably, the most, 10 years younger… should I think then that, despite some of the actual performers being in their early 20s, the responsibility of the creativity, the show per se is not the product of these past two generations but one that is closer to mine? Did creativity in the way I understand it really finished in the 90s?
Well, I don't know. But as long as we have these people performing, recruiting more young people and putting together shows like this, hope is very high up, indeed.
We both were marveled, stunned, amazed and as many complimenting adjetives as you can find in the English language (or the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French…even Welsh, though that would be a wee bit more difficult!)
I wish I could have taken some pictures, but Sarita will be photographing them at rehearsals tomorrow.
Lets hope they will let them copy a CD with the files, I know as a matter of fact that their work will be in exhibition in the gallery. Amazing. Stunning. You carry one, I am tired and need some sleep. And the English vocabulary is running out too…. so, have a great evening, we sure did.

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3 Responses to Totally Fit State!

  1. Blood Dragon says:

    Sounds like a terrific show. I'd go see it, but it's a VERY long way to drive. That, and my car just doesn't handle the open ocean at all well.I'm glad that you had a great time, and that you were treated well.

  2. Alex says:

    Sounds great! Living with you, it couldn't take too long before Sarita got interested in photos one way or the other…! x

  3. PALCOLA says:


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