On the low….

Im depressed, angry, in dispear… I haven't got much concentration but I will try to make a record of this, it may even help to clear my mind as to what to do next.

I organized my trip to SouthAmerica for this summer last year, when my friend Lu was visiting and so, so much insisted that we should go to Trancoso at the same time.
We could stay at her house, go out, relax, see friends, eat nice food, go to the beach, and sort my house problem (that's one big story which depresses me even to think about it)
So I did what I normally do: I set to it. I fought with everything I could and I got the tickets, which, I have to say, werent cheap. I do not feel like going across the ocean every time I have a holiday, it's costly, even more than any brochure holiday…People have this idea that "going home" means no spending…
Well, you are so wrong.
Everyone in Trancoso (Brazil, my parents and huge part of the family are in Argentina) thinks we are loaded.
That means you need to bring presents, people expect you to spend too…
Last time I was at my cousin's in Rio, I spent more in 4 days there than if I had gone and payed a 4 star hotel with swimming pool. How? easy: supermarket shopping for the house, beers and caipirinhas at bars, feijoada and general food when eating out…. that's niot counting the presents bought in London.
Anyway, back to this summer's trip…
My friend Lu emailed me last week to tell me that she is arriving there 3 days before we LEAVE back for the UK….
meaning I have no place to stay, and, of course, I have no money to pay for accomodation.
I could chop that part of the tripm

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