just wondering…

I ve been sitting here for a while eating dry corn flakes of the box, staring a the page thinking I should be writing about the bone scan I had today, how I dislike depending on people to get to hospital,  how I shamelessly broke down in tears the second the saline hit my system (probably because the feeling brings me back to the OR) and how I couldn't stop crying no matter how much effort I made to think nice things.

The technician, an Australian girl who couldn't have been nicer, she tried to. On failing, she gave me the box of tissues and helped me with the arm which wasn't hooked on the line.
The hours that followed (you have to wait 4 hours for the radiation to flow and flush through your system) weren't much better, as I had to hop the corridors from one clinic to another, lend my other arm for a long list of blood tests,but I did go home in the middle…only to fall asleep for a bit.
The second part of the scan wasn't as painful, still the right side of my body went into spasm again…no wonder here, considering I had to lie still with my head compressed by the machine into one side….for 22 minutes.
I'm passed exhaustion, but my mind refuses to let my hand write,so I'm gonna try sleep anyway.
I just needed to make a record of today.

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