Congested brain…..

…due to congested sinus, chest and …well, you get the picture.

I have been trying to update my reading of my Vox neighborhood as I almost had forgotten how much joy, laughter and thought provoking people are here, and how supportive and kind they can be…..
Then I had to go (on friday) for this dreaded bone scan.
That (and blood tests and new appointments made) has followed with a horrible cold, my temperature raised so much last night and the quest to find my thermometer gave me shakes and a freezing body, I decided to do something I'm not often inclined to do, took a Zopiclone and of to the lah lah land of dreams in less than 10 minutes.
I was given the 10 mg in the beginning, asked to reduce the dosage as you are a zombie the day after even with the 3,5 mg, but one of those (3.5) is a blessing when your whole body is in spasm.
Waking up temperature free but still congested and with a wheezing chest, one (especially if you live in London and listen to a LOT of speech radio) cannot avoid to fear the Swine Flu….
I doubt it though, and not gonna panic because I'm sure I got this from Sarita, who had it much lighter than mine and it's gone already….
I can't concentrate on anything much though….
Don't you just hate illness?
Here is my last incursion on the scrapping land, I cooked the meal when a friend of mine's daughter came over from the US and she asked for the recipe, which I reckon is much better visualized.
Sarita wants me to print her a book with all my recipes in SB, which I may consider doing in the future, when I have money….
Here is some Brazilian delicacy, which you can step up on spices by adding fresh chillies when you fry the onions or adding chili sauce or dried chillies to the marinade….
We can't take it, our stomachs are wimps!
Brazilian Cookery Recipe

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