Sleepless in Lah Lah Land….

..because I don't feel in London.

That's media to us…right?
I had to stayed awake to be able to wake up Sarita at 6.30 am, as she wasn't feeling well and didn't sleep till almost 2 am… in between one thing and another, I saw it was later than 4 am….I wouldn't have woken up and she would have missed school.
Now I'm kind of passed revolutions,but I'm not sure if it's that I don't feel the tiredness because of my medication which I had to take, or because of this thing crawling slowly into my daily routine…. computer addiction…
I have to be honest, I'm a bit concerned.
I maybe take up a project of making Sarita's 4th year on traditional scrapbooking, see if that takes me away from the computer….(only it would mean a total mess in the place…)
Anyway, someone please, kick me out of here?

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