My mum always said…..

…one cannot/should not enter into a friendship, open up and generally be nice to one's domestic help.

Of course she never abode to those rules. And I have been in the receiving end of my mum's complaints about them since I was a kid. Still, not one of the girls who worked for (us when I was with them) the family parted in bad terms, most kept coming to help my mum by the hour or even without getting paid, when my mum started her catering little business. There is Cristy, the last long time girl, who lived with them for 11 1/2 years and whose dream was to see Europe, and is now living and working in Madrid, and call my mum on the phone EVERY week…..
Now, that doesn't mean my mum isn't right on the principal.
Every home help I have had went wrong when I started giving them clothes we didn't use anymore but were in brilliant conditions (and I'm talking about the stuff we inherit from my better financially than us cousins, think Armani, Prada and the likes), or even paying them a bit more by the hour as an incentive when I saw they were actually making an effort….. everything went wrong. Each and every time.
I'm not sure if I made a detailed post of the circumstances in which the Twit left, but it wasn't nice. I was angry.
It isn't an easy situation to understand, but lets just say I'm writing tonight because I had a bit of an argument with my current supposed to be carer, and I am very angry again.
Worse is, she then sent me an email and, instead of apologizing, she is critiquing (to me this word should be something like *critisising me* or some like that, but the grammar & spelling tells me it isnt) me, in that kind of *I only want to help* manner, ya know?
Well, I'm not able to make a change right now, but first thing I will do when we come back after summer will be get someone totally outside my community (this girl is latin), someone over 30, and will not cross a word apart from the directions needed as to how to, what to.
But I had to write this down. I'm angry.
And now I'm gonna go sleep because tomorrow I have to do something very, very emotionally painful and need some rest.Yes, I really need to sleep. 
EDit to say: just in case you don't know me, I need domestic and personal help because I was left with huge mobility problems after some horribly failed operatiosn in 2003 to 2005…. 

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