the inevitable unfairness of life….

…continues to imposse it course (curse even) on me.

today I had the only mobile we had left stollen.
this was a very cheap, probably not even worth £5, no camera, no music, not even color screen cellular phone.
but you could talk, and text.
I lost (maybe it was stollen too) the one Clare gave me for Xmas, and Sarita's Nokia got damaged, and we were waiting to come back after summer and buy a contract phone.
LOts of other things happened to me today, mainly the driving, getting in and out of the car, general activuty day I should not have had after my last equally active couple of days….
I was gonna go straight to sleep, but Sarita wanted to sinc the iPod, so I let her.
I also showed her my thermos flask, something happened to it and it was a bit twisted in the neck, but still pouring….she says she can fix it, oh, I know what happened, I ll fix it…..
before I could open my mind to say I dont think that s a good idea taking that is full of boiling tea….
she broke it.
and I got annoyed.
So I came to read, to calm down.
And what a beautiful read I had.
I wanna thank Electric Firefly
Mad Tante
and Waterbaby
because you have put such a smile in my face, craked me up, made me laugh and therefore not only pain stops being the focus but also I will have great dreams….
I will carry on reading the rest of you tomorrow, I'm really, really tired and still have some mail to answer, but
Thanks once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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