I should learn…..

to keep my bloody mouth shut.

I have been sitting here chewing on my own anger for not keeping quiet.
I had reacted so civilized with the girl carer after all that explosion last week, and sent an email only saying
 "no problem, you obviously can't keep up with the work, I have found another lady who will be starting on monday, don't forget your hoover and saw are here, and please drop the keys before you leave for yout holiday, as the lady needs to let herself in, enjoy your holiday"
She sent an email back saying that she would make some time to pick up the stuff and would drop the keys before going on the holiday, but she did not.
She showed up today, in the afternoon, after I had been out with Sarita to a clinic appointment & Burger KIng (well, I was in a good mood) and I said: the hoover is downstairs in the shed.
She, leaning over the door frame, with that air she uses to treat me which I wouldnt even allow my mother to use, 
"and when are we going to talk, you and me?
and I said:
"I have nopthing to talk about with you"
I should have stopped there and then, but me being me, I had to react to the bullying this girl, insolent and completely out of her bloody place…. now I wish I didn't. Because I'm still angry, because of course she started shouting louder than me (which is an achievement I have to say) and she just left.
And I'm still angry.
I want to forget about this but, you know when you want to shout at the 1000 winds how bloody wrong all these is, but you can't? well….
I better try get some sleep.
I'm well pissed of.

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3 Responses to I should learn…..

  1. Waterbaby says:

    good luck sleeping while pissed off. 😉

  2. RG says:

    Everyone who still draws breath deserves to be treated with respect. If this bloody little trollop hasn't the decency to treat you thusly, then off with her head. You did the right thing. So sorry for your misery, my dear friend. rg

  3. tntnikki says:

    Good Grief- I can just picture you there, screaming and carrying on.I know I'm not supposed to be laughing, but I am. Darlin, you are truely a unique and precious snowflake- there is no other like you.I bet the girl goes off and enjoys her holiday and puts the whole fiasco behind her- and so should you.

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