Another sleepless night….

Here I am, after a purposely non slept night [reasons abound: no mobile phones, no alarm clocks,daughter needs to be up by 6.30 and says in that half asleep sweet-melt-your-heart voice: 

se vc ficar acordada, me acorda mae?
if you are up and don't sleep, could you wake me up mummy?
So I, having so much to catch up, and so little sleep necessity, stayed up.
Well, you would have noticed, as I tried to update my 'hood reading….
Things are quiet fine in the psychological/emotional side of life, not so fine in the body department, but also nothing that cannot be dealt with (especially if you, like me or Gregory House, have the access to painkiller world supreme).
I have lots to write about, but my brain refuses to communicate with my hands in the ideas organizing compartment,so I just share with you the awakening of little MissLazzy, the one and only Sarita.
Please ignore my butchering of the setting (or no settings at all apart from now flash, should I say?)in the camera.
One day I'll get my self together and learn, I promise.
For now, lets think that if I was putting myself out as a *modern artist* I would probably win a Turner Prize.
I was gobsmacked a couple of years ago when Wokka showed me the winner's photographs, which were plain, point and shoot daily scenes of a lazy family of three….
I don't understand either the crack at the Tate….. sorry guys, young or not so young, you who are lovers of modern or contemporary arts….I have a painting that Sarita did in year two up on my wall, it's an *Igipshon* snake (as in Egyptian, just in case you have no children or ignore the world of toddlers learning to write in English…and I say write because Sarita never did the *baby* talk…) so, as I was saying, I have this *Igipshon* snake, which I favor to a Pollack, any day, any time.
I know lots of people can be now labeling me as ignorant, but as I always say:
The book of tastes is blank,
Nothing is written in stone about tastes
(somehow it never translates well from Spanish)
not forgetting that it is my blog, so I'm supposed to write what I want, am I not?
Hope you have a good day/afternoon/evening, wherever you are!
OK,now I m well pissed off with Vox…
not enough that half of my neighbors and friends cannot leave comments in here, now is not accepting the photos…..
not happy.

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One Response to Another sleepless night….

  1. Rob says:

    awww your daughter sounds like a sweetheart 🙂

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