anger management….

..yet again.

I swore a few years ago I would NOT let people online, those ignorant ones, false, ignorant, stupid, ignorant, idiots, ignorant,I swore to myself I would not let my anger rise because of those.
I was in a good rate, 5 years without anything touching me to the point of anger.
And then a few weeks ago it started.And today I had the confirmation that I may be getting old, crossing the 50s barrier, hyper medicated, my mind not always there in the memory department, probably not the brightest if people in the world, but one of my qualities is still alive and kicking: my perception of people.
I knew this would happen.
But, you see, I have an idealistic heart, and, deep down in the core of my being, I still believe in love and solidarity…
Well, it does exist, of course.
But I should have learned my lessons by now: follow my instincts, and just keep myself to myself, and my mouth shut. The more time goes by,more of a recluse I'm turning into.
I know you may not understand a word here.
It has nothing to do with Vox, is to do with another site, I just needed to vent and write it down, as all my friends who would (understand or be of support) are in a different time line, either working or sleeping, or not online or on the phone right now, and If I did not write this down, I was going to explode.
oh well.

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One Response to anger management….

  1. Yow….((((((hugs))))))I'm so sorry this happened!!!!! I hope it wasn't at RedBubble…I didn't think you posted anything there yet, but I'll go look. I just popped in here to a couple of minutes to see if every one was OK…saw this post.I hope that you don't explode….(((morehugs)))

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