a happy ending…..

National Portrait Gallery
Next Top Model

After listening to this wonderful piece of music by this wonderful girl……

I thought I would go sleep, as her music has the beautiful gift to make me happy, and thus allow me to sleep…but then again it gave me a nice energy boost…so I m here to make a record of our weekend.
So, my child was caught shoplifting on friday, I grounded her (for an indefinite period, which I will be glad to extend until we go on holidays) and decided to make something of our time, mainly to have an opportunity to talk a bit deeper about the whole thing.
When she came back on friday I opted for non shouting, calm and short (which is a HUGE effort for me) and after the customary crying and a bit of begging to go out saturday with her friends, we talked like civilized mum & daughter (does such thing exists?) and proceeded to make dinner and watch Criminal Minds.
Then, like every day, I take her to bed, and do the *tickles*.
Is at this time that we generally talk, for some reason she opens up with me at bed time, being to tell me something that is exiting for her, something that worries her, anything, generally the conversation flows beautifully at bed time.
So I explained once again the moral concept, plus (thank you, all of you here) the dangers of a criminal record, the amount of make up she could buy with whatever the fine will cost, the concept of honesty and shame, morals and stupidity….and she was honest too, told me exactly how it happened, how the security guard was very nice,how she straight away opened her bag without even being asked and gave the (a mascara!!!!!) stuff she took, and how she was  at the verge of tears, and how she could never, ever do anything like this again…..and I believe her.
We woke up nicely saturday, I had a voucher for a jewelry place for £40 given to me by my friend Gayle's daughter, who was here from the US for a few days, but as the place is in the West End (no parking possibilities) we booked a cab through my Disabled Taxi Card (which seems to have bettered the business, btw) and of we went.
The place was closed (I was controlled enough not to loose it and break the glass door with my crutches) so we called another cab and went to the National Portrait Gallery…..
They were waiting for me with a wheelchair at the disabled entrance (I had called them before leaving) and though we had not long until closing time, we saw all the second floor, which is more than amazing. We are going back in the week, as the restaurant was closed and this was something I really, really wanted to see.
Dinner at a little italian place, great food, bad waiter/tresses, relatively reasonable prices, and then called another cab home, as I had a glass of wine taken I wasn't driving.
We watched a bit of TV and she feel asleep in my lap, but we carried on bed time talking when I had to wake her up to make her way to her room…..(she can carry me these days,no chance of me carrying her!)
Today was another beautiful and calm day, sharing breakfast, homework, music….
So everything is calm, peaceful…apart from the fact that I can't get into my Photobucket accounts, something to do with cookies. I'll call Clem tomorrow and I'm sure he will help (again, I asked for the same thing last week, but cant remember the process)
So, that's it.
Calm, peaceful weekend.
I'm almost falling asleep right now (2:56 am) and I need an early morning (in a bit) as we are going to the doctors…
I m also not sure I'm writing with sense … but I am not angry…
and that is a very, very good thing indeed.

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2 Responses to a happy ending…..

  1. mad-tante says:

    You deserve the calm, close time and I hope she won't screw up again. My brother got busted trying to carry out a boom box (don't remember how much they cost at that time but it was around 81). Being a juvenile, at least at that time, the record was expunged upon reaching age 21. He, too, was caught trying to exit, not even at his (borrowed) car.He didn't shop-lift after that. I hope Sarita considers this brush with the law all she'll ever need!

  2. Michelle says:

    I didn't even realise you put a link there to my site 🙂 You are so lovely and I'm glad you enjoy the music so much. xo

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