Oh Dear…..

I have been so reluctant to create a Word Press Account, and finally it seems Vox is helping me on deciding…

So, if you are not in my Facebook but we were connected here….I would love to know where you are going…
I'm slow in the techie thing, and don't want to loose what I have posted here, which is a huge part of our lives….
Not sure how well I will manage this, but hope not to loose my friends here.
Now, I'm of to try save….

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About thelatinmrspeel

in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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2 Responses to Oh Dear…..

  1. MrsPeel says:

    I m so with you… no laughing at all….Funniest thing was, I have been thinking for so long about starting blogging again here….

  2. Keep us posted. I'm at wordpress – wideopenheart.wordpress.com.

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