So many memories….

…stored here in Vox.

Some beautiful, some not so but great to find them out documented.
I came because I read somewhere in Vox's directions that only the public,visible to anyone posts would transfer, so I did that, got them out of the neighbourhood.
And then something I wanted to do for a while came to my mind: the printing of the pages. So that's what I'm doing now…of course it wint print the comments and all, the photos wont come up as good as I'm printing on everyday A4 paper, and the many videos will be lost,but then again I'm gonna try to transfer these posts to WordPress, as it seems most of you are there…my bloggger/blogspot is not a place where I will ever feel as comfy talking about all the weirdness of mine that is not easiy understandable by many…
Each of my Vox pages prints an average (I think) of 8 to 10 pages…I have 42 pages…that ll make it something 'round 400 pages…I'll have to be patient LOL
Anyway…I m so, so glad I did blog all those years and I have now all these posts to look back….

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About thelatinmrspeel

in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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One Response to So many memories….

  1. lauowolf says:

    Just be careful to leave your new addie over at Redz' Yahoo or WordPress site.Sigh.This is really difficult to deal with.

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