I wonder…..

…..if I actually want to do the blog thing.

I have to admit that going through Vox to print and check for my transfer here made me want to, and as a matter of fact, I had been thinking for a few months to go back to Vox…no place had felt like Vox, I could never get into the community spirit at Blogger, and it was more a scrapbooking index than a blog at any time…so, I saw the closure of Vox as some kind of sign…well, at least it got me doing what I thought for the past 2 years I wanted to do, which was printing the pages. Nothing fancy, just plain A4 paper to have a record for Sarita….

But the last events make me feel reluctant on disclosing what goes on in our lives. I know some people will find this silly, but the *evil eye* thing is something that was programmed into us by my Arabic mother…and, to be honest, is difficult not to feel spooked when, each and every time things are going extraordinary well in your life, something happens to stop you in your tracks. It was partly due to things like that I slowed down posting in Vox, so this is a tough decision.

A bit too long to explain but in a nutshell: I’m on iMac but use Parallels to run a scrapbooking program called Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 by serif, which is my rope to sanity and what has given me positions in 5 CTs (Creative Team) for some of my favorite designers. I had just spent over £100 (like US$150) in upgrading my Parallels, getting a new copy of Windows, and one of the guys from the Serif software community forums gave me a huge helping hand by writing me a tutorial, completely idiot proof (as it should be when I am the one installing) and I was soo happy with my program working to perfection.

But it didn’t last long. Yesterday I got a crash and this comes when I most needed to be able to do stuff. I’m tired. Not very sure of what I want to do, disappointed to find that no matter where one is, in which point in time or which physical location…people are so the same. I’m also hungry, and it’s known that one thinks better with a full stomach, so I’ll do that, go and eat something….maybe things will be a bit clearer after some lunch 😦


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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