The only absolute thing in life is…..

…that all is relative, as Alby told us.

Even being in control of one’s steps. I had this doubt about blogging, but once again life has chosen for me: no scrapping, so…writing. I would love to sum up the courage to get a video blog, I would be in my element (talking) as my all time problem with writing is that generally my mind goes faster than my hand writing or my typing can ever go…but I’m here.

After reading all my Vox posts I grew more and more convinced that is worth writing things down, not only for Sarita to be able to look back, but also because the putting it down into words is like getting rid of that anger that at times fills me and is so corrupting.

At this very moment, I am feeling something that has been occupying my mind for a while, even at the very start of the Vox blog, and that is how horribly full of hypocrites this world is. I’m gonna try to elaborate on this lately but, never mind where you go, in every group  of people with one shared interest but millions of different points of view/life style/believes , you will always find those, the ugly ones….oh well, I guess the world would be a terribly boring place otherwise….


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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