Just in case….

…you arrive here through some comment I left in your blog, and you happen to be part of the scrapping scene….I thought I should give a bit of a warning.

Before going full on into the digiscrapping thing, I had a blog, a personal blog, one that for the last year I have been keeping to the written with ink, not only because I have been drawing a lot in paper, but also because that blog I was writing started to suffer some (ridiculous) problems with the site which hosted it.

People couldn’t post comments,it was difficult even to log in, but I did love that place as not only I met some of the most amazing writers like Patricia Volonakis Davis, but I also made a lot of wonderful friends, people I hope I can still be on touch now….but Vox,com, said blog’s house, is now closing and they gave us the chance of saving it all with one click here, so what you will read here is the thoughts, events and madness of my life as a woman and mother, there is nothing much about crafts or digital scrapbooking, even though I did make some stuff in something called Scrapblog, the slide shows did not move to this site.

Also let me warning that the text is not 100% sane, neither very meek or …whatever. If you would like to hear about the latest Scrapbooking freebies, you can find that HERE. You can also find some great news HERE with a contest to WIN here

TO the ex-Voxers: I’m now working as Creative Team for 4 digital scrapbooking designers, and though I do have my *scrapping* blog at Blogspot/Blogger, I’m intending to move all my cats to one bag,only have not decided yet where.

It is now 05:30 am in London and I have had no sleep, so nothing much I could say would make sense, will try to come back tomorrow….so, now you are warned.

kit used: Me,Myself & I, SweetDigiScraps by Liz @ Gotta Pixel

Talk later…I hope?


About thelatinmrspeel

in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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One Response to Just in case….

  1. Lucy says:

    Just saw some of the digielements you made, You are so talented!! but you know that already! Tee hee. Lucy

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