…can be a pretty big word, I know. But right now, is the only word I can think about (in English, at least) to describe my mood.

Another trip to hospital after another one of those disappointments. Lots of time to think, listen to radio, read, sleep. More sleep. Why is it that I still feel exhausted? My body is rested, don’t think I can assert the same for my brain, soul, emotional being. And on those few days I did give some thought to quitting all, I’m still unsure about everything. On top of things Sarita is going through typical teenage angst, anger, problems, so I need to be there for her. It is sad to see that kids have not evolved, not a bit, since my school times…or maybe they have, only to the wrong place. Once one of the teacher assistant form Sarita’s primary (Catholic!) school made a comment that made me laugh at the time, she said *girls are the worse, they are little bitches, little in body size, that is*. She was so right. Only now they have (the one in question not so much) grown in size, and in bitchiness. I feel like going to the school doors, grab this girl by the neck and give her my thoughts, together with a good bashing. But you can’t do this these days, not in this country. Oh well.

People are so, so full of shit, no matter their sizes or ages. I’m tired. (of people, that’s for sure)


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2 Responses to exhaustion…

  1. lauowolf says:

    Still don’t have the hang of this place, I thought things I subscribed to were supposed to just turn up under My Subscriptions, but here you are posting and I missed it.

    It is exhausting when they are teens, and it is incredibly difficult.
    I totally understand what you mean about the temptation to just give one or some of the little monsters a swift kick, or more
    I wish I had some special knowledge of how to survive those times, but all I remember of it was that it felt like a constant grind.

    And that was with me having nothing more than standard here-comes-menopause stuff to deal with, annoying enough but essentially trivial.

  2. Stopped by to check in. I hope things are better for you. I also hope that 2011 brings you joy, love, and unbounded rejuvination and energy! xoxoxo

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