And the clocks are ticking….

..merciless, as usual. Time is an issue in my life, sometimes I wonder if I ever will be able to manage the *catching up thing*, but hey, at least I’m here and writing. I should write up about the trillion of things that went on in 2010, and how much my life has changed and how much my general mood improoved, maybe I should be writing about how much Sarita (that’s my daughter, if you just stumble upon here) has grown, how proud I am in general and in specific issues of how responsible, mature and sensible she seems to be, and how much of a headache the bleeming teenage thing is… oh yeah. I’m going through that allright with her… I can even hear my mum’s voice 30 something years ago you will see when you have your own children…. right mum, I’m seeing just fine. (I love her to bits, my mum, she was right in most things, you know?)

I had been seriously thinking about starting the blog thing again just before Vox went to…well, wherever they went, but my concentration levels aren’t all that, so I have been just trying to put tigether some pieces of the puzzle in my brain, and last night I had this thought, that if I get started, maybe it will happen. I’m blogging in my own way, as I write quiet a lot of journaling in my pages….maybe I should start there? so much changed in 2010 and everything started happening just before Christmas …when I got on talking to one of the designers I had bought something from, and ended up doing work for her Creative Team. Just in case you are wondering, this is not the paid type of job, well, it equals pay because we get the kits for free, which means I have tons of material to make Sarita’s pages/books, but we do not get paid in cash. Is a bit like an exchange.

I’m not sure I have picked the best of times to start writing, as it’s almost 7 am here and I haven’t slept…but I thought a start is a start, so at least I m taking my first step. I haven’t got resolutions, I haven’t even thought any aims or goals or whatever, my moto lately is one day at the time….like my friend Marta pointed out to (I think the Dalai Lama’s) *there are two things about which we can do nothing at all: one is yesterday and the other one is tomorrow* in a general way is right, though with me, I can actually do something about tomorrow…if I remember to take the right dosage of medication today.

I enjoy thoroughly the *work* I’m doing, is almost a form of therapy nd at the same time I’m keeping the record, and I will repeat what I have said in Vox so many times… I’m no writer, not wanna be (at least not professionally) I just want to make a record of our lives for my child to have in the future. We surely laugh a lot lately, and that is such a great thing…it has to be documented. I found the key to doing this easy, or easier for me I should say, by scrapping pages, so I may post more images with writing than writing with images….but I’m gonna try my best to keep up.

Of course I maybe ranting again. And I m also sure I m gonna gi bananas to keep up with redaing others…I haven’t visited not even once my friend Peggy’s blog, and she is one delightful writer and friend…but I ll try do what I feel like doing. One day at the time. Oh and if we are still here in december the 27th or 28th or even the 30th and the earth cortex hasn’t cracked and humanity as we know it dissapears…then I’m gonna buy me some new carpets. As a more immediate plan? USA….brace yourself…we are coming this summer… 😉

kit used is Project January ~ Crisdam Designs by Isabel Mendez

kit can be purchased @ Isabel’s Gotta Pixel’s Store

kit Project 2011 ~ Crisdam Designs by Isabel Mendez

and now, as usual, I should get some sleep….



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One Response to And the clocks are ticking….

  1. What a great memory book! I should do something like that for my little man. Though, he probably won’t appreciate it the same way a daughter would. 😉 Glad to hear you and Sarita are doing a lot of laughing. Those teen years can be brutal on both mother and daughter. Take good care of yourself!

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