In between sadness and anger…some digi scrapping…

…of course.

I was trying to revive my Blogger in the page I had created to write in Portuguese, but my mushed up brain couldn’t cope with writing in 2 languages and processing two blogs…so I just moved the English there, mainly because the title fits…it’s called Scrappin’La Vida Loca, and so very happily I made the banner, posted, then procceed to make the background….and there I got stucked. Now am terrubly tired so I’m just gonna go sleep because apart from the failure of the HTML, my mouse is being temperamental…my chest hurts, my back hurts even more…but I would like to share some stuff I made, so, here they are, my latest pages. I am also finishing sarita’s 15th birthday album, so that will come soon. There will also be a discirse about my idea of parents having their off spring removed from their lives during teenage years…I reckon both parties would do better….(not really, I couldn’t live a day without my beautiful (though lazy and full of attitude) child….

here we go, Etc by Danyale, most magnificent kit Looking Back, plus Looking Back the Borders and the OMG so amazing Monograms and Decos, and then amazing Mye De Leon’s and Mandy King’s collab Suddenly Love, just divine. Love LOVE love my designers, but here they are…and I ll see you later, hopefully feeling better than now!

Etc by Danyale's Looking Back Monograms and Decos, Borders and kit

so lucky to have shared time with my grandma...

and the fab Mye De Lon & Mandy King’s collab produced these:

Mye De Leon & Mandy King's collab Suddenly Love

Mye De Leon & Mandy King's Siddenly Loveany donations towards a Mac mouse for iMac welcome 😉


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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7 Responses to In between sadness and anger…some digi scrapping…

  1. WOOT! Love the new blog! Awesome! And I just LOVE WordPress so much better than Blogger (personal bias having used both). Psst.. you need to add the “Subscribe” button on the right. I can subscribe b/c I’m WP, but if you add it anyone can get your new posts in their inbox! One reason I *heart* WP (you’d think I worked for them, LOL).
    Oh, and can I say how much I love, love, love your retro photos and pages. AMAZING! (again)
    Anyway, I hope your day today is fabulous, my friend. Looking forward to seeing more of your goodies.

    • and how would I do that Jen? add the subscribe button? you forget I[m HTML challenged LOL

      • No HTML from me! From your dashboard, look under Appearance -> Widgets. There are ALL KINDS of goodies there, LOL. One is called “Blog Subscriptions”. Just drag it over to your Widget area on the right, put it close to the top, and Voila! Easy Peasy!

  2. Keesha says:

    The blog is GORGEOUS! Love your pages (as usual). I really hope you and Sarita are doing well. Loves!

  3. Marit says:

    Wooootttt… you’re baaack!!! Hey there girl! Gorgeous blog you have here, and I love reading your posts and admiring your art! Hope you girlies both are doing alright?!! Say hi to Sarita from me (it’s like I know her a bit through your stories!) You will love WP for your blog, I’m sure (I use it too, hihi…)

  4. Annemarie says:

    Well, I was going to comment yesterday, but I have a very slow connection at home. (Don’t ask.) and school gets very busy.

    Love your header. I look forward to seeing you more often around the blogsphere.

    Miss you,

    • you are my inspiration , have been for the past few years…I would understand of you didnt have time to come…will try get in the spirit and make time to read the blogs too 🙂
      Huge huggzzz

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