Perseverance is a must…..

I may not be the fastest, but I sure find my way with these stuff. I knew I had posted to blogger a vertcial slide one, so when I saw that the slide, as posted initially, was eaten by the blog’s desgn, I just went in and edited the old one. Got a massive headache now that promises to turn into a migrane, so I better go do something, but at least I did it.

I had to come back, have been listening to some Argentinian m,usic and getting flash backs in time of people I loved big time….as in having relationships with. Some of them famous now, we did walk the streets to the auditions and got some, were rejected in others…but I have some, yes at least some, nice fond memories of Buenos Aires. Most of them are…well, not so good. I lived there during the Junta Militar, dictatorship goverment which killed my love for the city. We slept every night in a different police station and were taken of all the bars we were performing…some nights they even followed us from bar to bar…as my friend Marta reminded me with laughter when she was here (in London) last May.  We had ideals. Do kids these days do? I try guiding sarita in most big time stuff, but this is such a dfferent society we live in these days…

oh well, better get back to the HTML. LOL

I’m waiting for ZigZagScraps to open Mye’s store, I’m sooooooo itching to show my page!!!!

Meds time now, and I’m coming back with some awesome kit from Mye De Leon…maybe a freebie too 😉


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4 Responses to Perseverance is a must…..

  1. physioscrapper says:

    I see you got the vertical one going great in the sidebar now! Whoo hoo… look out..geekster here you come! I love your layouts, hopefully today will have time and energy to comment!

  2. Vicky says:

    awesome I want one !! LOL

    • dead easy Vicks, just click on mine, try see if you can make it from mine, because I know when I first made it (ages ago) I had to go back 10 times to my friend’s one to get the vertical, as the option is not easy to find …

  3. Marit says:

    It’s great to see your work slide by!!! Love it!!! Enjoy your weekend dear!

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