L00king for that touch of magic…

…I would normally go browse galleries, with so many people creating so many beautiful pages, most of them team mates of mine, lots of others friends…one doesn’t even need to go very far. I have been in a weird mood lately, but if I start to explain I probably go back to it, so I’ll move into my last postings, as I have Sarita here waiting for us to go watch a movie, before her Dancing On Ice program starts, By the way, we watched Karate Kid, the new version with Will Smith’s kid & Jackie Chan… I never thought I would enjoy it, as I had so much enjoyed the original…(a long time ago, right?)but we did love it, and I (but of course!) got so totally emotional…

One of *my* designers, Mye De Leon, is a Guest in a (what I think it’s) new  store, ZigZagScraps. The site cheers you up from the initial page with those cute birdies, so that was a good start. I posted some pages with the kits Mye has in there, some of which are super fav of mine, so I thought I share here too. If you like the kits, you can but at Mye Store‘s there just by clicking HERE.

one of Sarita's (my daughter) self portraits which we edited together in PSE

Splendor, a kit by Mye De Leon collab w/ Etc by Danyale

I had started this post yesterday, but as Sarita came drag me to the sofa to watch Salt (which had us on the edge of the seat) I’m finishing this post now (monday morning). My spirits are a bit higher, even if my body doesn’t wanna come along in the ride. Hope you enjoy these pages and find them at least a bit inspirational. To buy the kits, you can access Mye’s ZigZagScraps store by clicking in the highlighted links here or above, or clicking here for her Gotta Pixel, ScrapBookBytes or ScrapMatters stores. By the way, what a shame ScrapMatters going exclusive…I had started to really, really love the place, and though I wish them the very best, not sure I like the exclusivity thing especially when my CTs are not longer there. Anyway, here are the rest of the pages:

our so missed next door neighbour Charlie

Mye De Leon's Love Bug kit available at all her stores

a piece of writing fromn my hand written journal to my child (self portraited here)

digikit 'Till the Morning Light, by Mye De Leon, available at all her stores

Charlie & Tommy, our so missed ex next door neighbours

super kit by Mye De Leon, That's What Boys are Made Of


Mye De Leon's The Magic is Here collection

my parents live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, these photos taken in our last trip there in 2009

Sweet on You, one of the latest releases by the marvellous Mye De Leon.

Hope you have a great week!


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