The stage thing….

…most definitely run in the family. I was looking for a nice foto to fit Etc by Danyale last kit, which is a gorgeous add on to her Looking Back Collection, and I found this photo of my mum, when she was in a play….I have so many inspiring memories from her, ny mum can, at times, be a bit of pain…but she is my biggest inspiration to these days…here is the page I ended up making with this kit:

my mum, probably early 1950s, when she was with an amateur theatre company

Looking Back Collection by Etc by Danyale

Here is the journaling, in case the font is un-readable:

my mum has a great signing voice but my grandfather was not supportive of stage careers, so she ended up in a school where they learned how to sew and cook. He died when my mum was in her teens, and then she went into amateur theatre. Later when I was a child, she would get my friends together to celebrate my doll’s birthday (this was a special life size doll that they gave me in the operation just before I started to walk, if you pull a chord in her neck she also talked) my mum got my closest friends together, got us dressed up and make up, write the play script, and rehearsed with us, so we would perform in the doll’s party this photo not only show how art is in our genes, but also how alike we are, and I can see her in Sarita too….

I mainly used the new release, the Looking Back Blush mini add on, and also parts of the Monograms & Decos and the Looking Back kit, these are all simply divine, click in the highlighted to go to her store 🙂 These packs are amazingly cheap, today, the Blush Add On is only $2 (yup TWO dollars!!!!) and the Monograms and Decos are only $1.39 which, if you ask me…it’s quiet a price…she also has the Looking Back Borders for only $2.09, and the Looking Back kit is only $3.49. To me, this would be un-missable….

I’m a bit drained of all energy right now, with a bit of a fluey type of thing, Sarita didn’t go to school as she wans’t well…. my to do list is as long as my hair (which needs cutting also) I had to stop in the middle of posting this as my eyes were closing…I’m terribly moody and need the dentist, my whole body is entering the extreme pain boundaries and I feel tempted to go for the sleeping pil treatment…which would mean at least 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep (I only manage 5 when am lucky), but I don’t really like the way one feels the day after, so I’m gonna try to scrap some instead, as scrapping the above page actually made me feel better earlier…I’m frustrated and annoyed with myself because today is pancake day, we should be in the kitchen making some, it’s almost 21:30 and am not sure I feel like moving…. I’ll come bacl tomorrow to let you know what happened….


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One Response to The stage thing….

  1. Marit says:

    The layout is gorgeous and reading the story – she must be such a nice person with a lot of phantasy! Yep, it’s in your gens dear!!!! I do hope you feel a lot better today, and Sarita too! I’m thinking of you!

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