Dear Voxers….

..I miss you.

When I found Vox, I had been on the look for a place to blog, had started in 3 or 4 but for one reason or another didn’t stick to it…finding Vox was like a tailored suit. I wanted a place to write with freedom, somewhere where I could moan about my family, my friends, my health, my every day life and my everyday happiness too, without having to worry about who would be reading and how politically correct my posts were…To be honest, I started writing in Vox with the idea of printing every page (which I incidentally got to, almost all of it, when Vox closed down) so Sarita could read it to her kids or just to have it in the future to remember how life was for us.

Then it turned into therapy, and I found something that almost saved me from insanity at the time, both the Voxers with Chronical Illnesses and The Simple Abundance groups. The Chronical Illnesses one was created by our beloved Denise (MusicChick2 if you were a Voxer) now resting in peace and so very missed…and she was also the one who showed me Smilebox and then Scrapblog …I was then totally hooked, in my way to addiction to digital scrapbooking.

Of course the digi scrapping is a marvellous therapy, but I miss the *neighbourhood* the possibility of having privacy within the privacy, the being able to choose who read what.There are so many things I would love to write about but not sure I want it there in the open, and as my hands can’t take only so much of hand writing I only write on my journal once in a while…but hey, never mind. This is just to say to the Voxers out there that I miss you. And here is a bit of what I have been doing whilst my net keeps cutting me off the electronically connected world….

Kits used: Mye De Leon's Splendor,Love Bug, Of Boys &Girls; Amy Stoffel Just a Photograph, Etc by Danyale's Looking Back, GeekChick's Awesomely Aubergine, SpinkyDinkyScraps's Capture Life, Serena Thomas's PoshParty, World of Word Art by Jennifer's Priceless

I was RAKed by the wonderfully marvelous KimB with her Chikakadea kit and I bought Rustica too, used here 🙂

Armina's StitchyKich

now I’m gonna try leave a bit of gallery love…if my net collaborates…



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3 Responses to Dear Voxers….

  1. kelly says:

    bummer for you and your Vox site help……would forum be of any use to you? Just don’t get too depressed when you read about how sick some people are…..xx kel
    p.s. nice collaboration of kits used for your 2007 page – it’s a big list! LOL Lovely pages!!!

  2. Marit says:

    I don’t know the ‘Vox’ place, but I understand what you mean. I too am very careful with what I write/show on the Internet…. (that’s why my workshops are in a ‘closed community’ so only the students can get in) I love the layouts you made!!!

  3. Jennifer (bienejen) says:

    Love these pages of older pics of Sarita! The page made with the StitchyKich kit is prob my fave. Just love the papers and elements, the photos and of course everything you’ve done with them!!!!! Hugs!!

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