DigiScrap Heaven……

…yup, DigiScrap Heaven, this where am at right now.

Part of it you know already, only there are some news related to new stuff and news related to daily stuff….thing is, if you are a scrapper, you can come to Heaven too. Trust me, I know am a bit mad/weird/nuts/-insert the adjective of your preference here- , but trust me…April is gonna be rocked by the digi scrappers and FOR the digi scrappers.

First bit of new news, which you know already if you are a friend, or you are in Facebook: Thanks to my amazing, divine, caring, mad as I am beloved Vicky, I can proudly announce now that I am part of the Viva Artistry Creative Team, which places me over the moon, right there in Heaven 🙂

At this very moment am filled with that beautiful sensation one gets when things start falling into place, after so many downfalls, depressing events, plus the known daily fights…but lets get back to digi scrap Heaven….not only I will be representing Viva Artistry @ The DigiChick, but Danyale is also opening a store there…and I am so in love with the kit she is releasing (exclusively) there, I m surrounded by so much talent, so much beauty…this is the kind of overwhelming I love.

There is more though, Mye also is opening a store @ The DigiChick, and Isabel was invited to  a store opening tomorrow which, by the judge of their first store collab, it will rock the place…the store is called Digital Dandelions and will be open soon, to be honest I can’t remember right now (almost 7 an and I haven;t slept) if it’s today or tomorrow the open, but I m sure you are going to want to be checking it out…

I will be back tomorrow (well, later!)to tell you more about these amazing happenings….but I cannot go before I show you some pages…also remember Isabel’s store @ Gotta Pixel is 40%  and the prices are unmissable! I know, you may think I’m saying this because am CT …but hey: we go to work with the designers we love, and also being in the CT doesn’t make us (contrary to popular belief) any different to any customer…right, the letters are dancing in my screen which means it’s time to go sleep but, as I said, I ll show you what I made with these girls stuff…all of them :

Attagirl, by Viva Artistry, kit & Word Art

they have a new release today:

Blooming, Viva Artistry @ The DigiChick

and this amazing kit collab with Lilac In Bloom, Rock Bye Baby

Ricak Bye Baby by Viva Artistry collab with Lilacs in Bloom.

I will come back alter with the rest…I think if I domnt get at leadt n hour sleep…I may becaome abusive ith the computer LOL

Talk later!


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