Can’t stop smiling…..

…and that’s such a good,nope, great thing, yup GREAT. I know not everything can be great all the time, and I have been feeling terribly unwell physically, but the compensation around, the emotional, the learning curve, the support from some people…well lets say it makes the hurt not so hurtful…. 🙂

There are a few things going on in m,y life at the moment that fill me with joy, big time JOY. First of all Danyale‘s store opening at TheDigiChick, I love this woman so deep, I am happy for her happiness, and the chance to work with her absolutely amazing creations is a blessing… She has also been creating a lot for Gotta Pixel, and I’m so glad I was in this wagon when all started, because it tastes beautiful…. every little new thing she does makes me go ahhh wow and ohhhhh, just wait to see her new kit in a few (like 10!) days….and connected to this comes beautiful Vicky and her amazing visits to ours…for a long, long time I haven’t had someone who would hold me close and be so truthful…when she herself is through the same hurts, the same fight and constant battle….

Then there is the ViVa girls….I’m not sure I can describe in words what I feel…but I think it may suffice if I say I not only am rejoicing in being able to grab every kit I drooled and romanced for a few months and work with them, but also that they listen, they laugh, they keep me laughing 24/7….the beauty of having people all around the world, there is always one of them online to keep me going 🙂 These girls feel to me like if I have known them for a long, long time…and I feel blessed for God, The Forces That Run The Universe, Mother Nature, The Spirits Of Angels, The Goddesses or _whateveryouwannacallit- having brought these girls into my life…well, is very well known the fact that I absolutely LOVE the teams am in…and they all have that quality of people and talent galore, so, am blessed times 4…and I’m so very grateful for this.

The girls have a couple of kits release tomorrow, well, some could say re-release as these were @ ShabbyPickle during the girls guesting spot there…but will be new for everyone else. If you do not have these kits…well…have a look at what I have done with them. This page is with Rocker Bye Baby, a collab with Lilacs In Bloom, absolute awesomeness in this kit….(and this is Sarita aged 3, with my friend Mirta’s daughter, Ambar, who was 5 @ the time)

Rocker Bye Baby, kit & Word Art by ViVa Artistry & Lilacs In Bloom @ TheDigiChick

then there is the Spring Love Kit and Add On, another so, so amazingly beautiful kit….I couldn’t stop going ohhh and wow and OMG!!!!! here are a couple of pages with the kits

SpringLove & Spring Love Add On, by ViVa Artistry @ TheDigiChick

the photo is Sarita’s self portrait which we edited together in PSE6. and then there is this: Sarita’s first love, Yoav, from Trancoso in Brazil, aged 4…love this photo 🙂

Spring Love & Spring Love Add On, by ViVa Artistry @ TheDigiChick

wouldn’t you be in awesomeness working with these kits? These girls are pure genius! You can CLICK HERE to buy!!!

Another event that has us (both Taylor Girls, as my Sarita will be doing it with me!) is that we joined the Art Journal Caravan. When I looked at it last year the conversion wasn’t all that good, but as it goes, it was super great value and we will be entering the Journey, to then go onto Marit’s Courses, which I wanted Sarita to do last year but she couldn’t as Marit didn’t have summer courses but as it goes she does for this summer! She has a summer camp, which is great as this camp doesn’t have bugs, you don’t need to sleep on a tent or be bothered by any wild bugs (unless they are the ones who inhabit your head LOL)

So, all in all, I keep smiling…and that is, I ‘d say, a GREAT thing!!!! 🙂


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8 Responses to Can’t stop smiling…..

  1. Jennifer (bienejen) says:

    Looks like you have been busy creating and can see the pleasure in your pages! More lovely work! Love the one with tiny little Sarita!!!

  2. Dolores says:

    Wonderful to hear so much happiness in and around you! Big hugs!!!!

  3. Danyale (gette3) says:

    These are just stunning, Cynthia. I love seeing your life on pages, and knowing you as my friend… brightens my day.

  4. Annemarie says:

    Looks like you are having a good time making these pages. I love your work. The purple page with sarita and the little boy in Trancoso made me smile. The little boy looks like a student of mine. He smiles like that, too.

  5. Vicky says:

    awesome pages beautiful !! xx
    Love you xx
    You made me cry at the mention of me xx so glad those hugs brightned your day xx Having you in my life brightens each of my days xx
    Keep on fighting and keep on creating – you do a great job at both and are an inspiration to me xx
    Hope you and Sarita have a wonderful journey together on the caravan !! looks like a lot of fun – you 2 will rock it !! xx

  6. Vanessa says:

    Oh sweetie, we should say we are so very blessed that you have come into the team. You know you fit right in and we are so delighted to have you there. And the fact that now I actually have another Brazilian on the team is just superb. hehehe. Mwah and love.

  7. Marit says:

    I love your versatile work dear!!! The rock babes are gorgeous (I have a thing for bright colours lately *teehee*) and the self-portrait of Sarita is beautiful! Wow, what a DIVA!!!

  8. Vivienne says:

    Love you! Glad you joined us and make us laugh!!! MWAH!

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