The Diva Dare Tour

I wont be saying much here, apart from I have read both Patricia‘s  first book, Harlot’s Sauce, loved it I, who refuses to buy books because I can get them free loaned by my local library, went on to buy copies for all my friends, and I have also read the post that was this new book’s seed, and can assure you this book is a must read for every female of the species. I have already ordered copies in Amazon for us (as Sarita also knows Patricia’s work and is so looking forward to this book) and to give to my designers (because, yes, they are true Divas!). Also, I have to add that she is an accessible writer, her price doesn’t reach the £10 mark, which, in my books, (no pun intended) is pretty great for such a jewel of a book.

Patricia is now going on tour with the book launching, and I strongly advice that you have a look at the itinerary, and if you are anywhere near one of her presentations, make your way there…you wont regret it, I promise you. (you may even love me a bit more after!!!! LOL) Here is the article which will explain a lot better than I could ever do:

I really, really hope you will be able to go meet her and read the book. I ll be back later!


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1 Response to The Diva Dare Tour

  1. Patricia says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you, Cynthia. I love the background design on this beautiful blog!

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