…the little tricks life is playing. Not an easy task. When I transferred the blog here (more because of the imposition of Vox closing down) I was all set to go back to blogging regularly,to keep a record again as it kinda hit me how important it was to me when reading the Vox pages as I printed them before they closed down. I haven’t had an easy time lately and it seems to me that, no matter how long I spend in the computer, I can’t catch up with what I would love to do.

Now something really good just happened, nothing big if you look at it in the bigger picture, but big enough for me as I have been hunting for it since Scrapblog merged with MixBook (which I sampled and wasn’t anywhere near the Scrapblog quality, + huge shipping money as it comes from the other end of the world). I think I found a place to print. Why is this so important to me?

Well, the main reason I took up digital scrapbooking was making Sarita’s yearly books, we have printed (in some glorious books) up to her 8th birthday. This was important to me at the time as my idea was to show her and for her to have a concrete proof that her father wasn’t always what he is now, and how much she was wanted and loved, and the fact that it was she who asked for the pages to be printed….

But I got side tracked by the overwhelming amount of talent I found when I had a look outside Scrapblog, got my own program and then a better one, and then the CT (Creative Teams) work…which I’m passionate about, each and every one of *my* designers is a queen in their own styles, and I love the fact that they think me worth of being their show case…..but I have been side tracked of my main goal. I see myself scrapping photos I have already done in the books, which isn’t all that bad because I know now more, or let’s say I evolved in the way I scrap. But I feel a bit like cheating. There is also the Art Journal Caravan.

I had a look at the Caravan last year but it was out of my budget possibilities, so I try forgetting about it. I kept seeing pages all around done with Tangie Baxter‘s stuff, and finding myself back at the AJC page….it occurred to me to have a look at the exchange rate this year and…wouldn’t you say is a lucky thing? It was more than accessible and Sarita was interested too, as she is taking art as a GCSE.  So we embraced it and I found myself wanting to give the Caravan a bit more of my time…oh, by the way, if you are interested in Art Journaling , or simply wanna have a look, there is a chat today with Tangie and the Caravaners @ 12 (NOON) EST, if I’m not mistaken, that is 17:00 for us in the UK (5pm). I will try remembering and be there, as memory in the short term is another one of those tricks life is throwing me.

On the more concrete news, two of *my*designers teamed up for a collab which is absolute wonder…On My Desk was released yesterday, ViVa Artistry & Etc by Danyale  together….just have a look at the pages posted ( HERE & HERE) and you will understand…there is also a new kit by Etc by Danyale & one by Mye De Leon, am posting the pages bellow as I need to stop now…another result of a like trick, had a major fall in the street a few weeks ago and my left hand is on a splint…never imagined I used my left hand as much…

Anyway, here are the pages, and I will try keep my space here updated as much as I can….more in the writing side of things, or at least describe the story with the pages, trying not to get side tracked again 🙂

On My Desk, collab ViVa Artistry & Etc by Danyale

A Fish Story, by Etc by Danyale @ The DigiChick

Some Like It Hotter by Myed De Leon & Mandy King @ Gotta Pixel & ScrapBookBytes

I will try make some time to post my AJC pages, but you can have a look HERE if interested 🙂

So this is it for now , hope everyone has a great weekend!



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4 Responses to Surviving….

  1. The more I sit at my computer, the less I seem to be caught up too. I think you’re definitely on to something there. Definitely food for thought. I agree too, about how when we’re on CTs that we can scrap so many things but we rarely seem to scrap the pages we originally intend to. At least for me that is often the case. I LOVE the collab between ViVa and Danyale. And your page is definitely GSO worthy. That is a stunner! I just updated my blog after being gone from blogging for quite some time too. Its just one more thing on the computer to-do list, and yet something that is still dear to us. I’m very happy to see you blogging today! Hope you are feeling better day by day.

  2. Kayre says:

    I agree with both of you…I get motivated by the creations on the web…but, have a hard time motivating myself! Enjoyed reading your blog today, C…keep on writing!

  3. Annemarie says:

    Wow! I think that “beauty” page is my new all time favorite of yours. Glad I popped in. Missing you. – Me.

  4. Scrapaholic Sherry says:

    WOW, love your pages sis! Miss ya & love ya lots too!!
    Huge Hugs xxxxx

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