So much to tell & so little time….

Hello hello, wherever you are….and yes, I know, am a bad, bad blogger. I am pretty good at keeping my hand written journal though…and I started drawing again….but as I’m flying by, I would like to make a log of the last few events that are very important, and I have been meaning to get this down into screen writing…for a few weeks now.

First of all, the Art Journal Caravan. That deserves a post on it’s own, [as I keep saying] Then is almost summer…so I created courage and applied for guesting at The DigiChick site usual, with little hope and…what would you know? I got a July guesting which I’m enjoying so much…even though m,y sleep patterns got messed up again…and I’m sleeping near to nothing, oh well, at least I’m scrapping 😉

I had a visitor from Indonesia, Wulan from the ViVa Artistry CT was here for a few days, we got together, ate sushi, laughed, took photos, got together again, ate fish & chips, laughed a bit more, took more photos, we took her sightseeing….I miss her already! I need time, lots of it, have you got any tips on how to be in every site, post every page, comment in every page….and still keep your sanity? well, give us a shout, because I do not seem to find the answer…. I will try my best and write the proper post in the weekend, but, in the mean time,you can have a look at my galleries at the Art Journal Caravan & The DigiChick…. 🙂

and here is my very latest page, for my baby daughter. I used a template which is from my newest find..Cluster Queen Creationsthis girl seriously is a cluster queen, love her temps and I’m getting addicted… Here I used Gimme Layers Vol 12, a shiny new release. The kit isRebel, by Joyful Heart Designs also @ The DigiChick

so, until the next, lets hope it will be sooner!


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in the process of moving blogs, so more will come later
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2 Responses to So much to tell & so little time….

  1. Annemarie says:

    Sounds like you had a nice visit. That page is beautiful as usual.

  2. Marit says:

    Busy times my dear… I know all about it. Keep your sanity and carry on! I will hop over to the art journal caravan, sounds interesting! Big hug to you and your daughter, I wish you sunny days!

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