Feeling Summery….

…even though the weather is not all that, I have to say….

Sometime last year, when I wasn’t scrapping anywhere other than Scrapblog (now merged with Mixbook) and then I bought ScrapBookMax, I bought a couple of kits from Gotta Pixel. Both designers emailed me back very soon after, thanking me for the purchase and giving coupons…which I thought was a nice gesture. I did write on the spot to one of them (it was Bella Gipsy) to thank back. For some reason I left the other designer for later…so in December that year (2009) when I was getting ready for Christmas and clearing up computer files, I found the other designer’s email and write back…to my surprise, this lady write back to me, and we started a conversation which developed into something so beautiful: she asked me if I wanted to be part of her CT (Creative Team, as most of you know) after I showed her a couple of pages I made with her kit. This was before Christmas so the magic, the feeling that a guardian angel of some sort had put us in each other way grew in me, I think as much as it grew in her, because we became great friends. To this day she is the very first person I write to when I get called for a CT after an application, (to do my happy dance LOL) and the first person I write to when I’m low or wanna share something that is happening….because of different stores, different time schedules and all those things of life, I left her CT but, as I just said, the friendship stands strong and fierce. This lady, whom you may know, is Karen Schulz, from SnickerDoodleDesigns by Karen (she was My Own Font by Karen @ Gotta Pixel, in case you remember and wondered what happened to her, well, check her store, you may have some pleasant surprises!)

I have been (for the longest time) trying to finish a page I’m doing on her for our year books,but for one reason or another haven’t yet. She does from time to time ask me to make some pages for her, which I do with total pleasure, and this is what I want to show you now. She has an exclusive store at ScrapBook Elements, and today she has a new release, Watermelon Wishes, which is cute and the colors were so suited for some photos I have, that I made not one, not two but 3 pages 🙂  Have a look and check her store, the kit is on sale, I’m sure you will love it!  I look at these photos and can’t help the feeling of butterflies in my stomach of seeing how fast my *child* is growing up…. anyway, here are the pages, all linked, just click on the image to go to Karen’s store! I’ll try keep this up (the writing) so, see you soon!!




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5 Responses to Feeling Summery….

  1. Cynthia, I love hearing your stories, sharing your life and of course, admiring your work. You are a special person and a spectacular artist. And I’m proud to call you friend, even across the miles and megabytes :).

  2. Awesome layouts!! And I am enjoying reading your journaling! Thanks for sharing and creating.

  3. Marit says:

    Wonderful layout Cynthia! And yes, I found some pretty amazing people too on the Internet. Isn’t it wonderful, that the craft community is so nice and supportive?!
    (Oh, and kids growing… eeckk… tell me about it. My son just turned 19…)

  4. ladynorth says:

    Cynthia! Love your blog and just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you while putting together the latest AJC Itinerary 26: it’s called ‘ they dance to remember and not to forget’.
    Sophie and Kevin say hi as well.
    Oh and Another DSA2 USER! Hooray I thought I was the only one on AJC that didn’t do PS or PSE!
    Love it, not so sure about the latest Craft Artist though…talk soon yes?

  5. Awesome blog sis! Miss chatting with you on Scrapblog, things aren’t the same without SB being around anymore! I miss the others from SB too, the good ole days & the awesome friends we made there! I really hope that I can meet you when you come to the states next year, that would be so awesome! Talk to you soon, I hope!!
    Huge Hugs,
    Sherry xxxxx

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