Here is the VERY BEST of iDSD!

I know I haven’t had much time to be consistent with writing…sometimes I rather not write or not even give thought when things are letting me down/feeling sad/physically unwell…but wanted to make a bit of an effort as, going on the quest to get some stuff from the iDSD sales…my disappointment is…well…just that, disappointment.

So now even more so, I want to show you what the most amazing designers in the whole digi-land are doing. I have the blessing of belonging to teams that are more like families, a group of friends scrapping together, without much pressure which makes me even more want to spread the word.  These women are the type who respect what ART is, and the main reason why we all are in this boat: to preserve memories. Yes, I know, everyone needs to make money, but it is possible to do so without breaching certain principles… & this is what they do. I know many people think we *don’t count* on giving opinions on designers for whom we do Creative Team work, but, at least myself and a few others I know…we are with these designers because we LOVE what they do…this was the main reason we approach them, applied to be in their teams…I know there are people who are in gazillions of teams, I’m not sure how they do it, nor gonna discuss here what I think, under my point of view, that principles should be…well, at least not today LOL, I have been tempted to write about it though…

But hey, I ll stop here and show you what is in store, make sure visit the entire stores by clicking in the highlit links, as I would have no space here to show you all the awesome gorgeousness, I’ll just go with the latest 🙂 Don’t forget to check their blogs (also highlit) for some absolutely AWESOME freebies and competitions to win. Images should be linked too 🙂

Over at The DigiChick,  Etc by Danyale has the supercalifragilisticexpialidotious Hope Chest Collection, (there are coordinating freebies for this too!) look at the kit here, and make sure you go to her store to see the wonderful Alphas Pack & The Word Art (just click on the highlights here)

Here is a double pager I made for my Project 52 Weeks with the amazing Hope Chest Collection & the Freebie you can get @ The DigiChick FaceBook Hop:

As if this new release wasn’t enough, Danyale also has the  Imperfectly Neutrals, a basics Grab Bag in her rocking, amazing style:

LOVE these packs, and the freebies are amazing…make sure you don’t miss them, if you aren’t a fan yet of Etc by Danyale, go HERE and click LIKE to get them, and future freebies/chances to win. There are a lot more kits/collections in her store so make sure you have a look as the sale is fabulous!!! There is huge inspiration at Danyale’s Gallery HERE too, and of course, come show of what you have made!

Also @ The DigiChick is ViVa Artistry, these two amazingly talented, creatively awesome girls who always make my heart sing. They were doing a guest spot at ScrapMatters in October but now all the exclusive kits have been released at The DigiChick…and are something un-missable!!! As with Danyale, have a look at the whole store, they have amazing gems from first to last page. Here is the one kit that rocked my soul like no other, with us being such madly in love with Wicked, the musical, Return to Oz is one of the most amazing kits I have ever seen. I have used this in a very specific themed way for my pages, but have a look at the ViVa’s gallery HERE, for inspiration in many other ways (that have not to do with the theme and STILL rock the boat!!!) Here is the kit’s preview

and my pages with the kit…I have done A LOT of them, so I will just show you a couple, made for my Project 52 Weeks too:

The alpha in this last page is from Etc by Danyale’s kit St Martin’s Feast, a beautiful mini with light and a festive feeling that has been great in helping me give the right feel to the Wicked pages.

Another super gorgeous release by ViVa Artistry is  The Cat’s Meaow , more than a pet’s kit, so much fun and originality like I have not seen before, but judge for yourself (am sure you will agree!)

and here are some pages I made with this

There are also FREEBIES to be collected and chances to win with ViVa Artistry, just visit their FaceBook page HERE to get them!

From Crisdam Designs by Isabel Mendez there are so many freebies and goodies to collect, and she has a great new release for all boys big & small, but also for many themes if one does not have boys around (big or small LOL) here is Crisdam Designs last new release, Kick It!, a super cute kit in Isa’s always so sweet style that makes my pages shine, am sure you will LOVE this!

and one of my pages with this gorgeous kit:

Don’t forget to visit Isabel’s store of your choice, she has the wonderful Project 2011, with a monthly kit deducated to all of us who love making a recird either in the 365 Projects or the 52 Weeks ones, here is the cover of my Project books, I have already printed 2, and on the process of printing number 3!

Here are the links to all Crisdam Designs Stores,, so you can make the choice of your prefrence:

 *** ACOT  *   GOTTA PIXEL  *  MSCRAPS  ***

You can also visit Crisdam’s Galleries for inspiration, I am sure you will find the kits a must have!:


Last but not in the least least, is someone I have admired always as a scrapper & a team friend, and now have discovered her amazing qualities as a designer, Designs by Sus is exclusive now @ Bits2Kits, and she has some amazing new releases for iDSD with options to win and freebies too! have a look at the kits & pages…am in love with these!!! The following is a Lottery Ticket Grab Bag with lots of goodies including Templates (with PSD< Tiff & PNGS!) scatter pack, lots more and will even enter you on a draw to win the use of her store for 3 months! The kits images aren’t linked, but my pages will take you to the kit in store if you click on them  (technologically challenged old woman here LOL)

one of my pages with this collection:

and she has also this gorgeous Personal Use Grab Bag, super waem and cozy, with modern colors and papers that opened my imagination…:

and a page with this Grab Bag.LOVE the glow this kit gives to the photos… the whole Grab Bag is cute and, as I said, modern and with huge posssibilities….

Hope you enjoyed these and can make a good shopping for iDSD…now I need to feed my child, and try to do some shopping myself! Talk soon!


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4 Responses to Here is the VERY BEST of iDSD!

  1. You are awesome! Seriously. Awesome. Love, Love you!

  2. Sus says:

    Awww, thanks for all those warming words, and as always also amazing pages from you.


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