I heART my CTs!!!!!

Ok, just in case you don’t know what a CT is, this stands for Creative Team, which I’m part of 4, all of them fabulous designers who surprise me each and every time with so many supercalifragilisticexpialidotious kits, and give us all the love in the world, together with their fabulous products.  Look at these … (all images are linked!)

my heART Collection by Etc by Danyale @ The DigiChick

my heART Collection by Etc by Danyale @ The DigiChick

The pages above were made with today new releases at The Digichick, both ViVa Artistry & Etc by Danyale have new kits that have helped me with  my last pages of my Project 52 2011 (see bellow) and I couldn’t wait to show them…

ViVa Artistry's Count Your Blessings Collection @ The DigiChick


ViVa Artistry's Count Your Blessings Collection @ The DigiChick

I know I have not been good at keeping the blog, 2011 has been one very heavy health wise, which brings together the frustration and depression, and I kinda lost the social will power….but hey, I’m almost finished with my Project 52 weeks 2011, with 8 books printed already at home, plus the 9th scrapped and waiting for me to finish the 10th so I can print it… with PhotoBox, with 50% discount if I finish and can order to print today! These guys are amazing, I’m printing on square spiral as a 30 pages book cost me £13.99, which is doable for me. Will come back with a more detailed explanation of all, and maybe even start another blog for my Project 2012…wont promise anything but one of my resolutions is to try harder , we’ll see…. here are a couple of pages I made combining the two kits, Etc by Danyale’s & ViVa Artistry are a match made in Heaven….do you see why I heart my CTs? 🙂

my heART & Counts Your Blessings Collections @ The DigiChick


my heArt & Count Your Blessings Collections @ The DigiChick

I also have some pages made with the Boutique Collabs, will try come post tomorrow or even maybe later…. Don’t miss these kits, they are absolute delight each and every piece..and they are cheaper on new release! Hope to be back soon, and also give other blogs a bit of time 🙂



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One Response to I heART my CTs!!!!!

  1. Annemarie says:

    I turn on my computer and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a blogpost from my favorite Brazilian!! LOL Glad to see you were able to get a post up for the new year. Wishing you much renewed energy and more good days than not. Love, Annemarie

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