Good Reads- and some scrapped pages-

Well, yes…I know. I haven’t written for ages, my health continues to decline and my energy levels go up & down so I try using it up in the best way possible, which means trying to keep my child fed and in line (which isn’t always easy these days, more the in line thing than the feeding, though with inflation arriving to this side of the world, after 20 + years without…am sure everyone is in the same boat). I do have times in which things, stuff happening in daily life annoys me and I think I should start writing to have my voice heard (like drivers who ignore clearly marked speed limits in the middle of the day and get annoyed when you do, over take in the most dangerous manners and so on) but then there is always something more important to do, and things get procrastinated &, of course, almost never done, like my writing.

Today though I thought I could spare some time & give it a go, especially as I made a couple of pages I loved, rare thing lately, I have been feeling lack of talent badly… I’m not sure why this happens, as I have a few of my most loved and admired friends/colleagues telling me of (thanks SO much to you all, especially Laurie (lor), Petra (Dutch-Diva) & Bernie (Bernie_Tuffs) and my most loved designers (those I CT for) keep telling me they love them, but when you are in as much physical pain as I am & forced to carry on daily tasks, I reckon there isn’t much point on finding a reason for things/thoughts/feelings happening.

I know I maybe should be showing my CT pages first, but as I know my designers are not the kind who wont understand, I will show you something I did with a kit I bought, another very, very rare thing for me these days, buying. I had a time in which I bought quiet a lot on sales and even ful price kits when it really impressed me…I but have to say that, especially being in the CTs of some of the most amazing, better quality designers there are in the industry, after making pages with their stuff it gets to a point of sadness when I go to stores I used to love and see everything is the same, same names, same colors, very little creativity or anything that will give me something I don’t yet have in my stash. I have to make a point here about the fact that I have been scrapping for a few years, so, if you have just started, do not get the wrong impression: there is a lot out there that is amazing for the ones building a stash, just a bit sad for the ones of us who have seen 5+ years of digital scrapbooking… OK, coming back to the point, I found some stuff I loved from Sissy Sparrows & Little Butterfly Wings (both at One Story Down) through the breathtaking talent of my friend Jan, (Intense Magic for most) also a page from a colleague at another CT, this page from Vicki -oldvwblues- ;  and something through THIS amazing page by my beloved and also breathtakingly talented friend Trista -maybe better known as scrappyt for many-  from the always gorgeous Rubia Padilha of Studio Basic, and went and spent some of my birthday presents money (most of it courtesy of the amazing ViVa Girls!!!!). So, here is a page I made with one of the kits I bought from Little Butterfly Wings, is called After The Rain and it was on sale yesterday when I bought it… I also used a Ransom Alpha, Numbers & some symbols (which she may have retired, I bought it a while ago & can’t find it in the shop)  from Weeds & Wildflowers Designs (another absolutely amazing discovery of mine a while ago, not only gorgeous stuff but very reasonable prices!) and I reckon this page will speak louder than I can…

Project 2012- week 37 [Life is Tough]

Another page I really liked (well, maybe until I saw the other CT pages!!! LOL) is one I made for the ViVa Artistry team. They have out a super gorgeous collection called Penmanship, and I was stunned when I opened the packs…so much to use, so beautiful… and the theme brought me back to my teens, when, with a couple of my friends (who are still in my life today, one of the best gifts I’m blessed with) we would write letters, handwritten ones of course as am old enough to have seen the start of color TV as a child! LOL…and made a page inspired by this Collection, with beautiful memories of those letters…  -the images in the next couple of pages are linked to the kit-

Handwritten, with ViVa Artistry’s Penmanship Collection, at SBG

The Penmanship Collection also reminds me of the main motive I thought about writing a post…. which is the blog post I read through Goodreads from Angela Young, an author whose first novel I read probably as soon as it released, in 2008, called Speaking of Love. I know very few books (of the whole lot I read) impress me these days to the point of sticking to my memory & feelings for long…I read a lot lately which I can hardly remember the names or having read them a week later…but Speaking of Love isn’t one of those. This is a marvellous novel which had me crying intensely (you can probably read better reviews than I could ever make by clicking the link above), and now she has announced another novel is in the works…. Here is a page I made about this book a while ago, also with a ViVA Artistry Collection called Libris :

A Memorable Book, with ViVa Artistry’s Libris Collection

I know this isn’t a typical blog post, nor to the scrapbooking (as I’m not making justice to all my CTs) or to any good writing (as I don’t think I have much done in the past few years) or even touching any major subjects…but it got me posting again which it can only be a good thing…even if only for my own enjoyment… 🙂 Lets hope I can keep it up, I am now excited with the new stuff I bought, plus the fab kits my designers are releasing….anyway, lets hope it will happen 🙂


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9 Responses to Good Reads- and some scrapped pages-

  1. Bernie Tuffs says:

    hey!! Am so pleased to see you blogging again!! LOVE your pages, especially the first…it’s so real, like all your pages! Full of meaning and just gorgeous! Am now off to check out some of those links to stash, LOL! xx

  2. Petra (Dutch_Diva) says:

    Awww thanks hon you’re too kind! It’s not hard at all telling you how much I appreciate you and your layouts plus your own lovely comments you leave when you have a good day (which knowing how much it costs you means even more; but you DO know I won’t be offended in the least if you skip over me! ;P). You’re an amazing person! Hugs!!

  3. vivienne says:

    oh hey, i bought that kit from Little Butterfly Wings as well!!! And what an amazing collection of elements!!! so nice to see you writing here again!!! (vivienne)

  4. Lor says:

    I completely ditto what Bernie and Petra have said! It so good to see you blogging girl, there is nothing like emptying the mind of thoughts and feelings; It’s good for the soul! You are a strong person and move forward on good and bad days; I respect you for that! And most often this is reflected in your amazing LOs… true life struggles, feelings and joy are always a part of your scraps. With a combination of your creative side and your real life, your LOs always reflect beauty! I thank you for always being an inspiration, in many ways! (*Hugs*)

  5. wont say much because you know how emotional I get…..can’t risk an electric shock with so much water in the computer LOL, but a huge thank you to you all, you know how much you mean to me 🙂 Hugggzzz

  6. Angela Young says:

    Thank you for your comments on my blog and thank you for your kind kind words about Speaking of Love. My new novel will be a while coming – and it’s not at all like Speaking of Love – but it’ll be on my goodreads page, and on my website, when it finally makes it out into the world.

  7. Alanna says:

    Hey Cynth…So glad to see you blogging!! You know you shouldnt ever doubt your talent as a scrapper as you always create amazing pages so full of passion and life. You bare your soul and share snippets of your life both good and bad with the scrapping community and I for one am grateful you do. You are such a strong thoughtful person and you inspire me all the time.
    Love the pages you post especially the first one

  8. Marit says:

    Heeaaayyyaa Cythia! I haven’t visit you in a long time and I only just now see your blogpost. Yep, life gets crazy – overhere too. I’m glad you give a ‘token of life’ so I know you’re still there. The layouts are amazing, really I mean it!

  9. Angela Young says:

    Dear Cynthia,
    I don’t know if I’ve been living down a mine (actually that’s what writing fiction feels like, sometimes!) or been half-blind for a year but I never saw this post – despite my comment – and more to the point I never saw the absolutely beautiful page you made about SPEAKING of LOVE. Your heartfelt words and your beautiful image mean so much to me. I want to touch other human hearts when I write, but it’s a rare person who responds so honestly and so movingly as you have. From my heart to yours, thank you.
    PS: I think the reason I never saw this post is because when you posted your comment on my blog I replied to it but I never found (or followed) the link back here … I’m not exactly the most computer-literate person!

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