We Digi Dare you!!!!!! [and some long due update!]

I am ecstatic, excited, happy without a word to describe the dimension. Why? Well, when I won the DigiDares for the second time (first was in 2011) with this LO about my super love for musical theatre, I saw the ad for the Darers Creative Team…I thought it would be a dream to be part of that team. Encouraged by my friends, I applied, but seeing the talent that was applying, I honestly did not think I stood a chance. Well, as it goes, and to my overwhelming happiness, I was wrong. And oh so happy to be wrong! I received an email from gorgeous, super kind Karah, the mother hen of all Darers (you should check her store HERE, not only is she a wonderful woman, but she also rocks the design!) She was inviting me into the team (you can see the announcement HERE if you scroll down a bit) and I couldn’t believe my eyes…so I have been a Darer for almost a month, getting to know some of the most talented scrappers in digi land and having the time of my life (oh no, now I’ll be singing that song in my mind for the next 48 hs LOL) but let me show you this week’s Dare, an amazing one!!!!! click the image to get there, read about the Dare and get the credits for my page:

you can see my old lifted page at the Dares! click on the image to get there.

Dare #317 Scrap-lift Yourself!

Come & join us in this super fun Dare, for the chance to win up to $40 in our sponsor’s goodies!!!!  Congratulations to last week winners!!!!

As if being part of the DigiDares CT wasn’t enough reason to be jumping of joy, another amazing punch of happiness also Dares related. I was featured on the 27th in the GSO blog with my page for last week’s Dare, image is linked to the GSO blog, you can get the full, linked credits at my MSA Gallery HERE

Make my Dreams Come True!

DigiDares #316 Super Powers!

There is even more to my digiscrapping happiness, is as if The Old Guy, The Forces That Run The Universe, God, Allah, Jehovah, The Goddess [insertthe wordofyourchoicehere] whatever you want to call is taking some pity on my sufferings with my very poor health and the newly (and as much suffered too LOL) acquired status as a proper mother of a teenager, and is giving me a lot of happiness in my creative outlet with my love, (addiction? obsession? LOL) for digital scrapbooking, as wonderful things are flowing in that side of life.  I have been playing challenges, something I didn’t quiet pay much attention in the past, and getting not only some awesome recognition but also some amazing coupons for the stores. I have been called by people I admire hugely to make pages to be the inspiration for some challenges, and some absolutely amazing prize I just won, at a store where I’m not sure why I had never posted before Paula Kesselring brought me in when opening her store this month, as some of my most loved designers have stores there, am talking about Oscraps.

Our coming into the site happened as they were celebrating the O’s 7th birthday, they seemed so happy and welcoming, and I had already many kits bought there apart from Paula’s , that I went in full on with the celebrations, which were a blast! I had some of my pages taken to the Standing O’s, one of them was Customer Spotlight in their newsletter:(image is linked for credits)

7 Wonders of My Life at Oscraps

Then I got some other coupons, and finally, to top it all with some more ego stroking… I won a month as a guest on their Creative Team…wOw!!!!  I’m looking forward to a fun time, and will try my very best to keep up here, though I don’t like to make promises, it is always a good thing for myself to keep posting, the way my memory is at the moment… even for my own records. I have also lots of pages I would like to share made with my other amazing CT families, so I guess I just need to get organised, lets hope it happens.

On the general look of every day events, my  beloved daughter has turned 17, and all those tales about teenagers, rebellion without cause, mumyouaresuchapain kinda thing? ALL true. Yup. I didn’t think it would happen to me, honest, not only we are (were? LOL) friends and have a good communication, but also she kept telling me how her friends thought I was the coolest & called me a *Don* (apparently a high compliment this days)… but yes, it is happening. I’m taking the words of some of the people I love and taking it easy, trying to understand things from her point of view, think about how I was much, much worse at her age, not think that I didn’t have me as a mum LOL (my mum is great, but she wasn’t very supportive at the time…I know why now) and praying. Yup, lots of praying for this to happen fast, the teenage years…

On the health side of life, I don’t even want to start, because it only makes me even more stressed, gets me in even more pain (is that possible?) & frustration gives way to panic attacks & we don’t want that, plus you don’t want me moaning about how the political greed & stupidity of this world affects me… so I keep basking on my art (you can call it craft if you want, to me, is more than art, and certainly fills my heart with joy), the beautiful people I have around me through this art, and taking one day at the time, with faith & hope, my sometimes evasive sisters 🙂

Here are some of the products of all of the above, with the aid of the super gorgeous & newly released products from my amazing, super talented designers (yup, they are ALL MINE!!! LOL) From ViVa Artistry: The Bard Collection:

2013: Troublesome ViVa Artistry’s The Bard Collection

These girls are so so talented, they keep surprising us with the most amazing creations, & this isn’t an exception. Even if you are not a Shakespearian, this collection has so much to offer for each & everyone, it is so worth having it! the image is linked to the Collection, but you can see all the pieces in separate packs (and buy them also if you so prefer) They also have released some of the most amazing alphas (I’m crazy about those!) so, do HAVE A LOOK AT their SCRAPBOOKGRAPHICS STORE HERE 

From Etc by Danyale: Almost Spring

2013: White Easter? Almost Spring by Etc by Danyale.

You may want to seriously have a look at DANYALE’s STORE at TDC as the offers are un-missable. When you buy Almost Spring this weekend, you get this AWESOME TYS Journal Set set , no need to add it to the cart, it will be in the zip if you buy this weekend, after the weekend it has a separate download & price. Not only that but she also has the great Subscriber Access Pass- April/June  .You get ALL her new release for that quarter for an amazing price!!!

super subscriber pass offer by Etc by Danyale

Last but never ever least, from Paula Kesselring Designs: Too Much Damage {Elements} &  Too Much Damage {Papers} 

2010 Too Much Damage Elements & Papers by Paula Kesselring Designs

Have a look at Paula’s whole STORE AT THE O HERE , she has some amazing products at some super prices, I’m sure you will enjoy the visit.

If you make pages with any of these awesome designers’ products, come leave me a link to your page…you never know when the RAK Fairy maybe around 🙂 Thanks so much to all my friends (scrappers and non scrappers who also take an interest), my designers, the designers I am a customer of, who keep me smiling (and my ego way up there LOL) all over digi land & in Facebook… you know you are one huge reason I keep fighting 🙂 Until the next then!


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