The Digi Dares is 6 and we are giving you an amazing present! [mega FREEBIE alert!]

I’m sure you all noticed our absence for the last couple of weeks. Well, amongst other things, we were getting a make over to be all pretty and have a fresh start!!!! The Dares are 6 years old and we want to share our DigiVersary with you!!!! Yes, we have an AMAZING mega FREEBIE KIT for you all, yes, yes, this is apart from your chance, as usual, to win up to $40 in coupons from our marvellous sponsors! There is a tiny little catch to the Freebie though…… you can click on the image or carry on reading….

Dare#321 Celebration!!!

Allison Pennington collab with Jen Barrette: Social Butterfly , candles from Allison’s part of an old MSA collab: Celebrate, Paula Kesselring Designs: Ribbon Rainbow & Over the Rainbow , Karah Fredricks: Scribble Scrabble Funky Swirls . I also used part of the gorgeous DigiVersary FREEBIE kit by the Dares’ Family. Fonts: CentSchbookBT, My Own Topher & Pea Courtney (Fonts for Peas).

So, I guess you want to know how to get the freebie, right? Well, is very simple and so much fun!!! just join us on at least two Dares this month and you will get the DigiVersary kit for FREE! This month, our very own Dare’s designers will be sponsoring, come read all about it at this week’s Dare HERE , lets get the party started!!!!!!

Other news are the most amazing kits released for iNDSD… did you shop much? I have to admit, I gave in on my temptations and got a few gorgeous kits…I really need to go back to scrapping chronologically so I get to use all the stuff I buy LOL, but let me show you the pages I made with my scrapping CT families’s new releases:

From Etc by Danyale, the absolutely gorgeous Military Collection had me wanting to have something to do with the military, but, as usual with Danyale, the kit is so versatile, the pages my team sisters have made are wOw pages, you can have a look at them HERE , and I’m posting as usual all kits linked for you to get there in another window 🙂

2013:Discovering my Roots with Etc by Danyale’s The Military Collection

Also in this page and by Danyale are High School Rulz , Morning Coffee  & also by Danyale on collab with ViVa Artistry: On My Desk. Font is Jane Austen.

From my super dear Paula Kesselring , there are some mind blowing re- releases you may want to go get if you didn’t at the time, but also she has made so many absolutely fabulous NEW releases for the past few weeks, you may want to go have a look at the whole store. Paula has two choices with her Personal STORE HERE  or the OSCRAPS HERE  or clicking the image. She has the Over The Rainbow  new release that is a fav so far, and here is a page I made with the latest packs and a couple of items I bought from Crowabout StudioB  @ Deviant Scrap :

2013: Don’t Let it Explode –

by Paula Kesselring Designs: Paper Collection#3{PU or CU} , Paper Pack#3 {PU or CU}, Painted Art Journal Papers & Transparencies#1{PU or CU} , Flair Box#2 , Typewriter Keys Alpha#1 , Over The Rainbow Collection: Brushes#1Brushes#2 &  Brushes#3 & 2 of her freebies (newsletter & Facebook). Crowabout StudioB: JustGo With It, mini printables & digital . You can read the journaling of this HERE , if interested 🙂

The ViVa Artistry girls have also been very busy with their fabulous talent in every pixel, I reckon I will have to make a post especially dedicated to these super talented girls, I have been enjoying hugely the small changes in my scrapping through their kits…let me show you a couple of pages with the latest releases, I’m linking the image to the store so you can have a good look at all the new kits…well worth spending time there!

2013: Under Control with ViVa Artistry’s kits:

This was a iNDSD Grab Bag , you can buy the pieces: Fantoccini  , Note It Brushes , In Control Word Art , & In A Hurry Alphas . There are many other kits/collections like the fabulous At First Sight  which is a rendition to motherhood in the best possible way and more, and I HAVE to show you this page…is a book cover for one of my printings:

Motherhood: My handwritten diary cover, At First Sight kit & Word Art by ViVa Artistry

I could be here all day showing of as I am so very proud of my teams but life awaits…so I have to show you the last but never ever least last release by another lady growing on her store full of beauties that never fail to get me back to the most beautiful, happy moments of my marriage/motherhood with her kits. Sus Designs  is now exclusively at Scrap Takeout , a really, really nice bunch of people whom I (promise!) need to give a bit more of my [already inexistent LOL] time. One of Sus last releases is an amazing mega kit: ZOOper Day  is one gorgeous and packed full of beauties kit, the animals are so cute I (as usual) wanted to stick them all in one page….but resisted the temptation…and here we are, a page about one of the most beautiful, happiest days of Sarita’s childhood, which I remember well to this day!

1998: Buenos Aires’ Zoo, ZOOper Day by Sus Designs @ Scrap Takeout

The image is linked to the Bundle, but don’t forget to check the rest of her store, she also has an amazing  Mother’s Day Grab Bag , and much more I’m sure you will be delighted.

And with this I will go to get on with trying to be less ill and happier…don’t forget to come by the Digi Dares  to see our fabulous new look and get in the wagon for our celebration! Have a great weekend!!!


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