A New (gorgeous) Collection & a FREEBIE!!!

I have said many times, I CT for some of the best people in this industry. Each & every one of these women are so talented, each on their particular style, some of them also proven to mix together so well. Amongst these ladies are the girls that make ViVa Artistry , Vivienne & Vanessa. They created a Collection so amazing that released today, that I couldn’t stop myself and went ahead to make 3 pages. I also made an alpha, It made me laugh that a sewing/fashion related kit had no stitches on it (not that I have an obsession with stitches or anything like that…I just…love them LOL) So I made an alpha out of them, and it is FREE for you to grab, I’ll tell you how in a bit, look at these pages made with Clothier , a LOT more than a sewing kit…. Images are linked to the store:

Taylor Made with ViVa Artistry’s Clothier

The Clothier Collection  is absolutely amazing, I linked the images to the full collection but you can see all the different packs in the store…lots of saving with the collection though, and I’n sure you will love all the pieces! Here is another page:

Not Born for Sewing with ViVa Artistry’s Clothier

And the last one for now, a page I made for one of the challenges at Scrapbookgraphics . These page has items from At First Sight , Fantoccini , Mascherari , L’Ete  & also a marvellous Studio Collective the girls made recently: Studio Mix#43- Free Spirit. 

Keeping Up the Colors with Clothier Collection& other kits by ViVa Artistry (see above)

And, as I told you, I have a FREEBIE alpha for you. I made the alpha in the first 2 LOs, and you can collect it at the ViVa’s blog , where you can also read a bit more about Yours Truly….Click on the image to get to the ViVa Artistry’s blog , look at the marvels the girls have there and download the freebie alpha!!!

Clothier Collection Freebie Alpha by MrsPeel

Hope you like it!!! there are also some of the girls fav LOs made by little me 🙂 I was pleased to see some of my favs are theirs too… 🙂 Remember there is still a day to make a page for The Digi Dares  so you can collect your FREEBIE DigiVersary kit! Read more about this in my previous post HERE .  Hope to see your pages tomorrow then!


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