Digi Dares #324: Warriors of Life

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. This week’s Dare is one that not only brought back events so important in my life, but also made my heart grow even fonder of all the Darers…not only are they absolutely awesomely talented in the visual arts, but also each & everyone of them is a warrior of life in different ways, I admire these women for their artistic skills and now, getting to know a bit more of some big time events on their lives, I am even more honoured to work alongside all of them. But I think is better if you check this out yourself: HERE is the Dare#324 , would love it if you also come & share with us a response to Cynthia A’s Dare. Here is my page:

Dare#324 My Cloud's Silver Lining.

Dare#324 My Cloud’s Silver Lining.

Paula Kesselring Designs: Paper Pack#3 {CU or PU}, Over the Rainbow: iNDSD Freebie Alpha, Typewriter Keys Alpha#1 & Splish Splats#1. Allison Pennington: Hello Day Dream & Follow Me. Little Butterfly Wings:That’s Life iNSDS Freebie, Twenty Four Seven & I Kraft You Kraft, collab with Studio Basic Designs. Journaling Font is Homemade Apple.

My journaling: my life has been, from the very beginning, a sequence of  battles. Nothing I have ever done  or have came easy. I was born with a double  hip dislocation in time when the success rate was almost nil, almost 60 years ago hip replacements were  sci-fi. I didn’t walk until aged 5, had 9 operations until age 8, and had a very sheltered life until aged 13, when all that impossibility of  movement made me go into my ability for the arts so in full, that you may say it was thanks to not having the use of my legs that I ended up with a wonderful carrier as a performer… Every little thing was very much of a fight, though I have to say I had a great life & regrets are very, very few….But lets jump to mid 70s. I started having pain on my knees, bad pain, cannot move pain. Saw the doctors who told me to take some aspirin and they would give me an anti-inflammatory if things got worse, but, they said, not to worry: the pain is due to your congenital condition,& there is this amazing procedure in it’s experimental phase now, but it will be a routine thing when you reach your 40s and need more  serious help. So, of I went with my aspirin, and once in a while some diclofenac sodium.  Jump again to 1995. Pregnant with  Sarita I was working & continue to do so until 10 days before she was born. Then comes a period in which the diclofenac becomes a necessity every night or I would not be able to move in the morning. Still working long hours and started to use a walking stick. Fast forward some more and we are back in Britain after a few years in Brazil, I m alone with  Sarita and now my mobility gets lessening by the minute. I’m put on the list and get a date for a hip replacement. This procedure, they assure me, will give me  the hips of an 18 years old and  I will be able to do everything, main being going back to full time work. Things don’t go according to plan though, and the 7 days I was told I was to spend in hospital turned into 40, having 3 more operations trying to fix the initial error, failing even more. My right leg was now 3 & half cm longer which meant bye bye cowboy boots or stilettos, & crutches which would bring other problems with time. My life went from being a high paid professional to  the humiliating benefits well fare, so called friends disappearing without much of a word, a lot  more hardship to come… The silver lining? My mum had come for 3 months which was the estimate recovery time, but she ended up staying for almost a year & returning in 2005 for what would be the last time I would let them operate on me, so this was an opportunity for  Sarita to spend time with her grandma like never before, as though we would spend long time  in South America, this was grandma taking her to school, ballet & trips, cooking together & so much more, & for me to not have gone completely crazy, as none will take as much as your own mum… There are many other things, little things, like getting amazing prices to the West End theatre , or not so little things like finding digital  scrapbooking & with it some of my most loved people in this world… but my mum being here was one huge silver ray, the sealing of the sense of family I had started early in Sarita’s life, & one that would continue to this day.

 Come read all the Dare’s Flair , scrap a page, post a link to your page in the comments section for the opportunity to win up to $40 in coupons from our wonderful sponsors. Don’t forget that, if you participate in 2 Dares from #321 to #324, you will get the super gorgeous Mega Freebie Make Over, The Digi Dares DigiVersary kit! If you just came across the Dares this week and only have this #324 to participate, don’t worry, go back in to any of the qualifying Dares, #321, #322 or #323, make a page, give us a link and you qualify. You wont compete for the weekly prize of the past Dares, but you will get the Make Over kit Free 🙂 here is a preview:

Make Over The Digi Dares Free DigiVesrasry kit

Looking forward to seeing your pages 🙂 Until the next then!


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  1. Annemarie says:

    Hey, friend. I using this summer to catch up on my bloggy friends’ posts. Have to do it the old fashioned way because Google Reader is no more. What’s with things we like going away? I hate that.

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