The Digi Dares: #330: Dream a Little Dream

Hi again!!! some summer atmosphere has finally happened here in London, I have one of my most treasured and loved friends of my life visiting us from Argentina, and lots of things have happened in these past few weeks, but I will be rather quick (or as quick as possible me being me LOL)

It’s Friday and that means a new Dare, a new amazing challenge to our creativity and lots of fun to be had! I’m sure you will LOVE Allison’s Dare this week….we all dream, asleep and awake…so come join us for the chance to win up to $40 in coupons for our amazing sponsors!!! This week sponsor is none other than Karah Fredricks, mamma hen for us Darers and super, amazingly talented designer at The Lilypad!!!! Come to our home and join us in this super fun Dare, here is where to read all about it: The Digi Dares#330

Here is my page, followed by the {readable version} journaling, I promise I will be back as soon as possible!

Dare#330: Dream a Little Dream

Allison Pennington: Hello Day Dream; YaYeah: Over the Moon Elements & former Christine H Horsinger(now Yah Yeah): Get Creative with Fiddlette.Michelle Godin: Moody Blues & Look Up (Art Journal Mini), Amy Martin: Funky Painted Flowers; Jackie Larsen Launch Pads Vol #8; Enkay Designs: Doodle It Summer Elements; Studio Mix#40 Life is a Journey, Re Kneipp: Hey Summer: Elements, Jazzmin Designs: Cozy Afternoon & Cali: Vintage Mania. Font: Soul Handwritting

Journaling reads:

Growing up with an Arabic, very superstitious as well as a good God person, mother like mine wasn’t easy, & as much as I tried to avoid the influence, I had a time, during my late teens, when I would keep a notebook by my pillow so that I could write down my dream as soon as I woke up, then would go to the end of the world to descipher it until I was happy with what the premonition was, I did grow out of it (thank God!) and I have it more than clear that my dreams are most of the time, a product of the unconcious desires or worries, and more often than not I wake up wishing I could go back to the dream as I was having such a great time! I have had, though, many dreams in which nothing made sense, all mixed up times & people of my life, people in different hemisphere who had never met each other would be fraternising happily in my dream, but there is one constant, especially lately, the dreaming of traveling. I go places in my dreams I have never been before, and here again some weird things happen, especially in one , not so log ago in which I was on my way to the USA, but had spent a lot of money on my Dad’s American Express card (he made me a second card the first time I came to Europe but I never used it…) In this dream, which I have now just a vague recollection as it was weird but these days I don’t write them down… I know I was anxious, but pushing to solve the problem… anyway, the point here is,I think most of the dreams I had in my life, at least the ones I can remember, have no other meaning than living situations I wish I was or could, like when I was a kid and couldn’t walk (I only walked aged 5) until my 12 years of age I dreamed constantly of being a prima ballerina, and my most recurrent dream after I was 12 & my parent’s took me to see Hair, was of me on stage with the whole tribe (the cast)  This actually became true, so I reckon some of my dreams were decisive in more ways than one for big time things in my life: my career, my marriage, in general things that I dreamed that gave me a vision of something, the feeling of joy or sadness towards a certain situation or person which will determine my actions later. I have read many books that are, allegedly, truthful interpretations of dreams, but I have to confess none really fitted my experiences, but know that some of my dreams have given me happiness, both in the actual time of dreaming & after so I keep an eye and try to follow some of them…a beautiful way of dreaming awake!

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    ta page est vraiment superbe !

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