About love, digital art, pride & a bit more {or the story of how I got my hands on a copy of Somerset Digital Studio Magazine}

I don’t quiet know where to start. The fact that until this very early morning [3.30 am] I had been awake for 50 something hours doesn’t help, & there is so much involved in what I want to say, what this means to me, that I don’t think I will really achieve that, but lets start by the fact: this morning I got a copy of the Somerset Digital Art Studio magazine through my letter box. The fact itself is not a mega occurrence since the magazine is one of the most famous publications on the digital art/digital scrapbooking industry where I spend most of my day. The fact that it was addressed “artist complementary” is.

DSC_6951smallEDITI have to admit I never quiet understood all the fuss about being published, maybe because I entered the industry straight into the digital form, and though I “got” the fact that being published was a big time thing for many, I didn’t much see the point, maybe because most my digital work until not long ago was purely documenting our lives, and I didn’t expect anyone to want to see that as a form of art, let alone be worth of going into a publication. I even had an offer in 2011, after I won The Digi Dares for the first time (and what a buz here again that I am now one of the Darers, talk about pride!) but I didn’t pursue it, I was busy trying to make my online time make sense, didn’t think it was important enough for making a bigger effort, but seeing one’s name & creations in print can do wonders for a battered heart.


The magazine is amazing, so much inspiration, so much beauty and talent, most of which made me understand some scrappers that until today I didn’t….but that could be another post entirely. (You see I am trying here to keep focused- not sure about succeeding but at least I do try!) So… how come I am there? Thanks to ViVa Artistry. Yes. I know you know how much I love them, but just in case and for the future generations (I’m in no rush but I hope one day my grandchildren will be looking at my life and wanting to know) the kind of love I have for these girls is the kind where you wont think for a millisecond before saying yes to give them your kidney -or any body parts needed, but lets not get away from the subject- The talented ViVas are featured in this issue – now am thinking maybe I should’ve started with this?-

A few month ago (was it a couple? or more?) Vie wrote to me asking for a few LOs I had done with their kits, and she wanted the whole size images, so I knew this was different. A few weeks later she wrote again, this time letting me know a nice lady called Jana Holstein would be writing to me and I should answer with all the info requested. I kind of started to connect the dots, and when I got the email I thought I couldn’t have been any happier.. but I was wrong, it actually kept getting better (maybe a way to balance all the not-so-happy events of the past few months? God working on mysterious ways and all?)

Now I feel I have to say: it is not false modesty, I do know my pages are some kind of good or I wouldn’t have all these amazingly talented designers saying yes to my application to their CT calls, even more so I wouldn’t have the high quality ladies who have invited me to join them without a CT call needed… but being in the teams I am, with such talented ladies whose art is a jaw dropper each & every time…  my mind & heart never think I’m quiet all that and, despite being told of many times by many of them and some of my colleagues, there is a little (ok, yeah, not quiet so little) voice inside my head that tells me they see my pages as more of what they are because of the relationship we have built and things like that… so though is not like I don’t consider their words truthful or that such words are not important, but when the other night, chatting with both Vie & Va (oh-the wonders of modern technology!) I learned that it was not them who picked the pages, but Jana Holstein, the lady editor herself…well… what can I say… I guess I’m entitled to a bit (or very much indeed! LOL) pride, right? -add some more laughter and joyous smileys here- If you add to that the fact that the names and work of a few of my most loved, admired, talented friends/colleagues are in the same issue of the magazine, it ties up into a very, very nice mixture of emotions.

So, the whole point here is how proud I have been feeling lately. Being blessed by being in some of the most talented designers in the whole of digi-land’s CTs, being invited to some of my most admired, loved, favourite, talented designer’s teams, receiving said designers’ newsletters and seeing my pages there, having the so dear friends I have in my teams, making new beautiful friendships in the new ones, the pride gives way to a much more powerful feeling of gratitude, and I can be here for ages talking about how it is near impossible to find words to explain this gratefulness, but I know I get cheesy and we want to avoid that, after all a stream of tears can damaged the keyboard and we all know life without the computer is, in this day and age, as dramatic as you can imagine. So I want talk/write for ages, but I will have to say how much I owe these amazing women in my life, how much pleasure it is to play with their creations, how much their support means to me and how it gets me through the day in those when nothing seems to be right

And now I’m gonna go and carry on looking at the Somerset Digital Studio ‘s amazing featured art and articles, try to sleep a bit more as my brain isn’t engaging (have been here for a couple of hours trying to make sense of what I wanted to write, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t- remember English isn’t my first language…or the second-) Even at first, very quick glance the magazine is well worth every penny it costs, you should have a look too.

I want to do now something I wanted to do two years ago, which was/is to write a post per team I am in, and show  you how great these artists are… I may just try get it together and make it happen, but for now, I will say a HUGE THANK YOU  not only to the designers, but also the girls in my teams who honour John Lennon’s Imagine (which my published page is about) by putting aside all differences & being the best friends one can hope for. Here is my latest signature, one I wear with pride to which today I can add the being published.



Signature made with: CD Muckosky: Urban Scribbles Alpha, Jacque Larsen’s Neapolitan Please (part of the The Lilypad freebie collab The Ultimate Vacation) Karah Fredricks: Which Way 2. Fonts: Pea Roxy Girl (Fonts for Peas/Kevin & Amanda) & Misproject by Eduardo Recife @ misprintedtype.com.

Thank you again from the core of my heart to the designers for having me in their creative teams, I’m linking to their stores so you can have a look at their great work:  Angelclaud Art Room, Etc by Danyale, Gallery Stand Outs , Laurie Ann , Lynne Marie, Paula Kesselring, Pink Reptile Designs, Scrap N’ Art,  Sus Designs, The Digi Dares and Vivienne & Vanessa of ViVa Artistry (you should get the magazine to read the article where they are featured!) Also to Kim Jensen & Michelle Godin with whom I am guesting at the moment 🙂

Hope you are all having a great week!




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12 Responses to About love, digital art, pride & a bit more {or the story of how I got my hands on a copy of Somerset Digital Studio Magazine}

  1. Vanessa Gary says:

    You deserve every bit of it lady. So proud of you and so happy for you as well. Much, much love e milhões de beijos.

    • as I said to Danyale: you (and you of all people know is true LOL) know by now am all tearful and emotional….. can’t say more because, as I saidm, cant get the keyboard get wet!!!! LOL

  2. Danyale says:

    You are such an amazing person, mother, friend and artist. I am thrilled that everyone can see what you create to inspire us everyday. Love, kisses and infinite {hugs}

    • oh gosh, you know by now am crying right? and you were the very first CT call I applied, and you trusted and saw my potential even then…..you also know you are stuck with me , right? can’t get rid of me even if you fire me, as I always say, Brazilians are the best hackers…I will find my way!!!!!! LOL Love you big time!!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations Cyn!! NOBODY deserves this more than you. You are so talented- now I hope you will strat believing it!

  4. You’re awesome, end of. I think you make a brilliant point about the difference between self-publishing and being chosen to be published. As proud as we are of our own accomplishments, a little validation from a respected peer goes a long way.

    You deserve every success. Much love. xx

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Oh, sweetie this is soooo deserved and I”m thrilled for you! I hope you don’t mind but I just had to share this on facebook – I’m so proud of you, my friend

    • thanks MrsJ!!!! and thanks everyone, I am delighted, so much I forgot to congratulate the girls that were featured with me!!!! the magazine is amazong, worth every penny , and yes, share away, 🙂 Hugggzz

  6. Sus says:

    Soooo deserved, congrats Sweetie 😀


  7. Angela Young says:

    And … after finding that heavenly piece you made about SPEAKING of LOVE https://thelatinmrspeel.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/good-reads-and-some-scrapped-pages/ I’ve just read this … CONGRATULATIONS! (Until this morning I had never heard of digiscrapping (I hope that’s what it’s called …) or CTs or anything … but I’ve been exploring and discovering how beautiful it is.

  8. Johanna says:

    Cynthia – that is wonderful!! Congrats!! I am so excited for you. I love Somerset/Stampington the company. Their magazines are so beautiful and inspiring — and they always have such amazing artists contributing. I am not surprised at all that you are among them!! You know how much I admire your art. This is beyond fabulous news. I definitely need to buy the magazine. I can’t wait to see it! 😀 Hugs!!

    • thanks so much, my lovely 🙂 it is a great thing for me,it cmes to heal the not so good times I had been having…things are getting relatively better 🙂 I know I owe you an email , promise it will arrive 🙂 Hugggzzz

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